LottaRewards Quickstart Guide

Need some help getting into the affiliate zone? no problems.
Follow the guide below and you will be on your way to making a lotta rewards.

Step 1 - Application

1. Application Form

Complete all fields in the application form as required.

2. Confirmation E-mail

Expect a confirmation e-mail that your application was received.

LottaRewards Quick start step 1
LottaRewards Quick start step 1

Step 2 - Approval

1. Await approval E-Mail

You must now await the outcome of your application.

While joining LottaRewards is free, it is still up to an affiliate manager to approve the application.

Step 3 - Campaigns

1. Campaigns

Although a default campaign is automatically set up for you, it might be good idea to set up some campaigns that you may already have in mind.

Do so in the Campaign Section of the Account menu.

LottaRewards Quick start step 1
LottaRewards Quick start step 1

Step 4 - Advertising

1. Banners

Banners are the most popular way of promoting.

View the available banners in the Banners section under the Tools menu

When downloading , you’ll be prompted to choose the campaign to track to.

1.2 Text Links

Always remember that accompanying banners with text will aid the effectiveness of your promotion.

Use text links to track clicks from this copy

Step 5 - Monitoring

Current Month Report

The Current Month Report summerizes your activity as a whole.

Sales figures are updated at 00h00 GMT every night


Campaign reports will detail the performance of any specific campaign you’ve set.

Simply select the campaign you wish to see reports for and the date range

LottaRewards Quick start step 1

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