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Dátum: 2012-12-07 10:56:09

Here we go again! LottaRewards in conjunction with would like to welcome back our 3rd annual “In It Till You Win It” Competition! This could possibly be the most anticipated competition in the history of

And why shouldn't it be? Players from all over the world are able to enter with hopes of winning this fantastic prize.

This incredible "In It Till You Win It" competition gives players the chance to get lottery tickets until they win that life changing jackpot. What could be better than never having to panic about whether you have your entry into that jackpot draw?

This competition is so popular, it practically promotes itself!

Your loyal players will need to enter this competition between the 7th December 2012 and 21st January 2013 and will automatically be entered into the competition draw to win 1 of the 12 “In It Till You Win It” prize packages.
(Please note that each prize is a lottery ticket in every draw – for that specific lottery – until that entry wins the jackpot)

How your players can enter :

- Purchase any of the Lottery Bundle products on offer at
- A Ticket to the El Gordo Christmas draw (up to 21st December 2012)
- A Ticket to the El Nino Raffle Draw (up to the 5th of January 2013)

This year is bigger and better than last year! We have more lotteries on offer, which means more winners. And with jackpot amounts breaking all records this will certainly be THE most intense “In It Till You Win IT” competition we have ever had.

As always, we like to make this as simple as possible for our loyal lotto partners. You are able to add banners to help promote this life changing competition on offer. Simply log into and select the “In It Till You Win It” competition banners we have created.

Let’s make this year’s “In It Till You Win It” competition the most successful yet!

Please contact us if you need any assistance, we are here to help.

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