How to insert HTML into an Outlook email (Outlook 2003)
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

Here is a short article describing a method of inserting HTML into a standard Outlook composed email.

This is rather easy to do, which is pleasantly surprising for many of us who believe Outlook doesn’t traditionally take the easy way round.

Step 1:

Open the Notepad document that you downloaded and enter html tags at the beginning of the document and close html tags at the end of the document.

Step 2:

Save the file as an HTML file. Name it anything you like, as long as you save it as HTML. An example would be “mynewsletter.html”. Remember where you’ve saved it ?.

Step 3:

Create a new blank message in Outlook.

Step 4: After you’ve filled in some data in the address and subject fields, click in the body of the email. Select the Insert menu and select “File”

Insert Menu > File

Step 5: Locate your file and then click the small down arrow next to the “Insert” button. Select “Insert as Text” from the drop down menu that appears.

Insert as Text

Step 6:

Arrange your email as you want it and then send. I recommend testing a few times to a few different email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook Express.

A few important notes:

1. Many email clients these days natively prevent email messages from grabbing images from locations within the internet. In fact, many clients even prevent emails from automatically opening images of any kind! It is therefore important that you make use of alt-tags wherever possibly which effectively can describe the image before it even displays.

2. Generally speaking, Outlook uses MS Word to compose messages (at the default setting), so you’re bound to end up with some strange behaviour when it comes to webmail based clients. Thus, the emphasis in step 5 should really be on testing your email before sending.

3. Most affiliate programs (our included) have strict policy against spam. In certain cases spamming could even lead to the termination of your affiliate account and the withholding of any commission you’ve accrued. Therefore, please verify your sources and leads whenever sending bulk mail. Be sure your recipients have opted into receiving email (! From you !) and also have means of opting out at any point (especially within every single email you send).

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