Selecting banners in the Tools section
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

How to select banners in your LottaRewards account.

There are many banners available in your LottaRewards account. These vary according to size, language and lottery. To select banners please follow this procedure:

1) Go to Tools > Banners

2) What kind of banners would you like? Do you want Flash banners or Images or both? Select the box you want.

3) Would you like dynamic jackpot banners or campaign specific banners? Jackpot banners automatically update to show the latest results or the next draw sizes. Campaign specific banners are your normal GIF banners which have been divided up by lottery or that have been created for a specific campaign, such as the Monaco competition.

4) What website banners? What lottery do you want to promote? Make your selection by clicking on the drop-down box.

5) Group: Select your banner group (or leave this out and see what the other filters bring up on their own). The banner group will contain all the banners for a particular campaign.

6) What language? Select your language.

7) What size? Select your size.

You can use these filters in any way you choose. For instance, you may wish to see all the banners that we have available in a certain size, irrespective of the other filters. In that instance simply select the size from the drop down menu and see all the options that appear.

A well placed banner on a website or in an email can drive lots of traffic for you! See our banner optimisation article for more information on placing banners in the best way.

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