6 SEO Tips You Didn’t Know
Date: 2015-12-17 11:03:14

Here's 6 SEO Tricks & Tips We Bet You Didn't Know

I’m always stalling before writing something like this because I know that there’s someone (or multiple someones) that already know all of these tips. But I’m going to write it anyway as I believe it’s good to have a refresher, and if you pick up only one new idea from this list, well then it was worthwhile.

These tips are a mixer of analytics, organization and productivity practices I think is very useful and seems to be the most forgotten during chats with other marketers.

Create Keyword Groups to Better Leverage Your Data

Create a lot of keyword groups!

Keyword groups can be used to mirror things such as products, features, marketing campaigns, audience segments, messaging, geographies, and more. Keyword groups are very good for monitoring and analyzing your competitor’s movements.

Create Content Groups

I believe that by grouping content, in addition to keywords, is that it usually gives you an alternative point of view on how the market is usually finding and interacting with you. Here are some tips on how I group content to get the most insights:

1. Use the same groups you used to create keyword groups such as: products, features, campaigns, geographies, etc.

2. Create groups of content by content type such as videos, white papers, case studies, blogs, etc.

3. Create content groups based on your user flow – for example, I might have one that is lead gen content, consideration content, etc.

Pay Attention to Top Keyword Activity

LottaRewards Keyword Activity


Keep an eye on both the top positive keywords plus the declining keywords for content, this will tell you when you’re hitting the right type of content and keyword combinations also it alerts you to shift in audience interest.

Keep an Eye on Top Keyword Activity for Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s keyword rankings allows you to see not only which of your targeted keywords they are focusing on, but also the type of content they provide their audience with.

Do Some Competitor Discovery

So we all know about our competitors in our market, and we regularly check in on how and for what they rank. But what about the new competitors who’s starting to take traffic from you?

Keep a regular eye out for who is ranking for your main keywords and looking at the corresponding content can help you catch and strategize against changes in traffic before you lose position and visits.

Polish Up Older Content

LottaRewards - Polish Up Content


One of the things we usually forget when creating new content is to polish up some of our old content. Most of have plenty of old content that could increase our rankings with just a little extra effort.

We focus so much on driving traffic to the new content of latest campaigns that we forgot about our old pages.

Annotate as You Go

Adding new keywords? Annotate that. Make a bunch of changes to page structures or complete other recommendations? Annotate it. Your team just released a bunch of new content for a campaign? You got it – annotate! Why annotate, other than because I think it’s a fun word? Because it helps you tie actions to outcomes.

When you’re looking at rises and falls in ranks across groups of content and keywords, if you’ve been adding annotations to your analytics along the way as you complete tasks, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out cause and effect. Believe me when I say, for every 20 seconds you spend to annotate something, you’ll save at least 20 minutes trying to find out why that spike in traffic happened.


Remember there’s many ways to make sure that your old content still adds value to your site. Optimizing old content works great but don’t forget to create new content as well.

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