4 Tips for Optimizing Your Display Ads and Landing Pages
Date: 2015-10-23 13:42:37

Affiliates, here are 4 Tips for Optimizing your Display Ads and Landing Pages!

When using display advertising there are many different factors marketers have to deal with in order to get their message to be heard.

Many advertisers are sitting with the same issue, and that is that they suffer from a high abandonment rate of their landing page, getting visitors to convert can be a challenge.

However, you can overcome these obstacles by getting the design for display ads and landing pages right. Here are some tips to get it right.

1. Size, placement and mobile optimisation

Size and placement and mobile optimisation


For those of you who do not know, the space above the red line demonstrates the “above the fold” section, this is where you should display your ads.

You may not know this but, size and placement of your ads does have an effect on how well your ads will perform. Placing your ads above the fold is always a good choice, as it means that your visitors will immediately see your ad and this will have an effect your click-through-rate.

When optimizing your landing pages, it’s important to make them mobile responsive, here is two reasons why. One - Usability, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have a lot of mobile visitors, so it’s essential to create a good ux for them and this will then help you with your conversion rate.

Secondly – Keep in mind that it’s very important for your landing page’s ranking on Google that it is optimised for mobile. Google will reward your site if it’s mobile friendly.

2. Graphical elements

graphical elements


Using images and graphics in your display ads and your landing pages is very important. Just remember that those images and graphics stays relevant to what you are offering.

This landing page from Basecamp cleverly uses graphics to draw attention to the submission form.

The use of humans and even more, human faces is proven to convert very well, especially if the person in the ad is either looking or pointing to the call to action.




Example of a retargeting display ad showing images of relevant products to the viewer

By including your brand logo in your ads, you can develop trust and familiarity to the viewer. Just like your display ads, the images and graphics you use can help your conversion rate. It’s also a good thing to keep with the same style and theme for your ads for a sense of continuity.

3. Strong call-to-action



The red button stands out from the rest of the display ad making it eye-catching

You will have to very careful when using these, they can make or break your campaign. Make sure you have an effective CTA in both your landing page and display ads.

There are two types of elements you should consider: Design and Copy

The Design:

Create an attractive button that is irresistibly clickable. Designing a button that stands out from the rest of your display ads or landing pages so that people know exactly where to click!

The Copy:

The copy you use for your CTA is another important factor. Always keep it as short as possible and make it clear to the user what will happen when they click on the button.

4. Killer copy



The copy on this Landing page from Evernote is short yet it speaks to its target group: busy individuals who have a lot to remember.

Remember, you have limited space and therefor you will have to capture the attention of the visitor within seconds. Keep your CTA convincing and to the point.

Landing pages gives us a fantastic opportunity to use text, but this is not a place to include a bunch of paragraphs that make for a time consuming read. Make sure to break up any of your text on your landing page and include them into easy to read chunks which will make it much faster to read.


Final Thoughts

By using display ads and landing pages you can help to convert traffic more adequately. But, to make the most of your marketing efforts it is important that you optimize your display ads and landing pages by:

Using ideal size, placement and mobile optimization to increase conversions;

Incorporate relevant graphical elements into your designs;

Come up with a strong call to action that will drive traffic to convert;

Use killer copy to maximize effect;

Build display ads and landing pages which are relevant and focused;

Add an enticing offer to you campaigns that will appeal to your target audience.

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