Affiliates, How To Manage Your Old & Outdated Content
Date: 2015-09-02 07:10:11

As affiliates, we spend so much time creating new content that we forget to optimize our old content.

We all know that new content is very important when it comes to SEO, but Erin Everhart believes that we should not forget about our old content, as there’s still value in updating them.

Google announced in July that they are releasing Panda 4.2 over the next few months. This comes after almost 10 months of any algorithm updates for the “content is king” mantra.

If you were hit in September, this would be great news for you as you would be rewarded for your effort to remedy your low-quality content. You will see that your site will be back on its organic position.

I still don’t get it, how is it possible that there’s still people who is posting crappy content. I just feel that it’s pointless to spend time creating spammy conent to gain a link or ranking position.

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Is Your Site As Panda-Proof As You Think?

It’s not only spammy or low-quality content that is getting webmasters and content strategist anxious about the Panda updates. Even if you are sure about having good content on your site it makes you stop and think: Have I miss anything? Will Google find a problem with my site? You should be evaluating the content of your site on a regular basis, unfortunately we don’t do this as often as we should.

Probably one of the most common problems you’ll find when doing a content audit is finding “dead content”. This is content that’s old, out dated and not relevant to your website anymore.

This happens a lot, as we concentrate so much on creating new content that we forgot to update the old content. You’ll sometimes find that this may slow down your site speed as Google is crawling and indexing less important pages rather than focusing on more important pages.

So you might ask yourself: What do you do with this dead content?


Don’t Delete It — Optimize It

Like I mentioned to you in the beginning of the article, new content is very important, but it takes a lot more time to create fresh content, why don’t you just optimize some of the old content pieces?

LottaRewards Optimize Content


A couple of things to think about while re-optimizing dead content:

1. Use the same URL. Yes, you can create a new URL to get more pages indexed, but it’s probably better to just update the existing content to keep all the authority in one place. That URL ranks well for a reason.

2. Update Your Keyword Research. When optimizing “dead content”, consider using new keywords to capture new traffic.

3. Start Promoting It Again. Now that you’ve updated your content, make sure to filter it back into your promotion schedule. Post it to your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, also include it in your next email campaign


Sometimes You Just have To Delete It

Most of you content can be updated, but there’s old content that just doesn’t need to exist anymore, like the following:

Old products or services you no longer offer

Former employee/executive profiles

Job postings

Similar or duplicate blog posts


Besides Deleting, Here Is Another Helpful Tip:

301 Redirect. Pointing old content, product or services to your new pages is probably your best bet. Decide which page is ranking better or getting the most page views and redirect to that page.

Remember there’s many ways to make sure that your old content still adds value to your site. Optimizing old content works great but don’t forget to create new content as well.

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