Top Reasons People Leave Your Blog – Part 1
Date: 2015-05-28 13:07:52

The whole reason you probably created your blog and became an online lottery affiliate with the help of LottaRewards, was to earn money online. To fulfil your goal, you need to focus on inbound marketing.

If you are still not completely sure what inbound marketing actually means and well, you feel like leaving this article right now, don’t. It’s simple and once explained very easy to understand. 

Remember, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

The aim of inbound marketing is attract visitors to your blog. Once this has been attained, you need to convert these engaged customers to buy your product.  See, simple. 

It’s up to you and your designers, to create a website around your customer. Find out and brainstorm what their needs are and more importantly what you can do for them. 

Let’s face it, a well designed and developed website gives visitors a reason to click through either on your call to action buttons or your online lottery banners

In order to understand how to ensure that you increase your conversions rates, you need to know what isn’t working, and the top reasons people leave your blog. 

You blog design is outdated

First impressions count and as you know we all do, unfortunately judge a book by its cover - so too, do your online visitors. Therefore, if your websites design looks like something out of 1996, then it’s definitely time for a serious face lift, as this will hugely impact perceived trustworthiness. 

Your content is difficult to read

Content plays a huge role too and can relate to a visitors first impression of your blog.  Design is not all about colours, images and graphics, it also incorporates what fonts you use and the colours of your text. Even the background will have an impact as to how easy it is for people to read and digest the content on your blog. Content needs to be easy to read if you want to convert visitors into customers. 

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules about which fonts to use and which to avoid, it is advisable to stick to clean combinations that are clear.  One font to stay away from is definitely Comic Sans.  

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When it comes to the size of your fonts, it’s better to use a larger font. This will give your visitor a better online experience whether they are on desktop or using a mobile device. 

Slow loading time

Did you know, your websites loading speed has become one of the biggest determinants of your site’s value and ranking position?  It’s been common knowledge that you have between 2 to 4 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and if your websites still busy loading during this period they will leave your blog immediately. It’s 2015, and people want information quickly. So be wary of landing page videos and media which takes a while to load. 

slow loading time

Overwhelming your blog with ads

Just because you are selling the world biggest and best online lotteries on your blog to earn money online, does not mean that you have to shove as many lottery related banners all over your blog. 

Like we said earlier, trust is a key component to driving conversions, so we need to limit the number of banners used and factor in the locations where these will be displayed.  Although you’re banners should be easy to see, as this is where you are making your earning your money online and tracking takes place, they shouldn’t take up more of your site’s real estate than its actual content. It’s YOUR content that drives traffic to your blog remember and brings in new customers for increased revenue. 

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Videos on your site auto-play

The quickest way to get someone to hit the “back” button in supersonic speed, is to subject you’re visitor to a video that auto-plays.  People online today prefer how and when they consume online content, and blasting them with an auto-playing video will definitely drive potential customers away forever. They definitely will not convert, that for sure and your goals will not be met. 

Unclear navigation structure

Another horrible online experience, is to arrive on a blog looking for a specific piece of information, only to get totally confused in an endless maze of poorly laid out navigation. Not only will this have a devastating effect on your on-site use experience but it’s very bad for your SEO rankings.  It’s therefore imperative that you plan out your entire website first and ensure that you are using the conversion funnel to the maximum.  This will not only benefit you but your visitors too. 

As great way to do this is to imagine that you are a new customer and have landed onto the site for the first time. And ask yourself, how would you expect to find the information organized? What steps would you take to find the information that will answer your questions? Does this information at every step convince you to play the lottery and is there a quick call-to-action button to get you there fast. 

By rearranging your navigation to take your customer’s needs into account, you will stop losing potential sales due to bad content organization. If you aren’t confident that you can rearrange your content according to consumer expectations, use a service like Drunk User Testing) to uncover potential trouble areas on your website.

Gated registration 

Gated content is great for driving leads into a website sales funnel. But doing this to everything and protecting it with restrictive registration requirements will kill your conversion rate. 

It’s important that as you are creating registration opportunities that you ask yourself if all the required fields are completely necessary.  If you are one of those people that simply love adding field after field to everything then remember that Expedia earned an extra $12 million by taking out one simple field in their registration process.   

Have some personality!

Brand personality definitely matters on your website and in your marketing campaigns. This personality will also need to be taken into account when dealing with various territories. What works well in Europe, might not work at all in Africa.  As your brand personality is your way of expressing yourself, so too do you need to factor in different cultures to strengthen consumer relationships and your sales will suffer without a targeted connection. 

As usual if you need any further help with your blog, contact us and we will be more than willing to assist you.

Here’s to more visitors staying on your blog and you raking in the conversions!


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