Engagement marketing: How to include your peers in creating your brand
Date: 2015-05-20 15:00:23

Every lottery affiliate has the same mission: to maximize their value! But affiliates also need to remember that your most valuable asset is not necessarily your product, or branding, or even your team. What IS vital is your customers. 

Successful companies succeed because they excel during each stage of the customer lifecycle: in acquiring new buyers, in growing their lifetime value, and in converting potential and existing customers into advocates.

Engagement Marketing is increasingly becoming a relevant marketing topic. Engagement Marketing allows for interactions with potential and existing customers. As we read in our previous article, How to handle negative comments on social media, your audience has their marketing shields up.

If you are wondering, how to cut through the noise and engage potential buyers - the answer is through engagement marketing. Engagement marketing listens to the customer across multiple channels and responds appropriately.

The LottaRewards team therefore would like to assist you the affiliate by helping you to realize that by the creation of an engaging marketing campaigns, you will increase customer loyalty and therefore increase conversions.  

With the social media boom, brands have drastically re-looked and changed how they interact with clients/potential clients and with mobile on the increase too, this has become vital in any company that wants to strive online.  

Engagement Marketing

It’s therefore imperative that today’s online marketers build bonds with customers wherever they are. We need to engage with them on the various social media channels, presenting a unified experience across devices and personalizing content and communications.

Major brands should be inviting fans and followers to be actively involved in creating co-marketing actions, which inevitably leads to building a relationship with the brand. This action is more than the classic “contact us” or “signup now” when they need assistance or have a complaint about a product.

By creating a new bridge between brand and the consumer, and thereby interacting in a more productive, transparent manner with a target audience you will be doing yourself a huge favour. 

Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing

Remember that engagement means that someone is interested in listening to you. It’s up to you to encourage further engagement with that person in order to achieve your business objective while fulfilling their interest.

As a successful online lottery affiliate, you need to implement engagement marketing tactics to drive your interested audience towards one of the following two key business objectives:

  • Cultivate the individual as an advocate of your product.  These advocates (believers) will recommend your products and services enthusiastically to their online network of friends and business colleagues. BOOM!
  • Encourage a dialogue with the individual to help them to make a purchase decision.  An engaged customer is likely to become a loyal repeat customer. BOOM!

Engagement marketing is about connecting with people:

·         As individuals 

·         Based on what they do

·         Continuously over time

·         Directed towards an outcome

·         On all channels

Here are some easy ways to use engagement marketing to attract customers:

Create an engagement strategy

Develop a clear plan for your engagement marketing initiatives. This plan should detail how you will reach out to your fans, followers or listeners, and how you will be able to respond and interact with your engaged participants.

Integrate with your marketing mix

Remember that your engagement marketing plan must include a “call to action”. Whether it’s a simply request asking them to leave a comment on a post either on your blog or on one of your social media channels. Add these in the beginning at the end of your blog post. By doing so, you will encourage reviews on your products and services. 

Engagement Marketing

Focus on content and relationship

Make sure you are focussing your attention on supplying relevant and interesting content, as this is vital when trying to engage with your audience.  It’s this content that will build a genuine relationship with the individual and by doing so you will achieve not one but two key business objectives for engagement marketing.

Promote subscriptions

Use permission based techniques to encourage subscriptions with optimised web forms, RSS registrations, refer to a friend and social network sharing.

Invite readers to interact with your blog / social channel

Create enthusiasm for engagement.  Encourage your listeners to leave their comments and suggestions. By implementing a valid suggestion, you will not only have a loyal customer for years to come but you will also show listeners that their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Surveys and polls

One of the best ways to initiate engagement is to conduct a survey or a poll. By doing so you will also be gaining valuable insight into your community. Polls are a fantastic way to find out your customers opinion on a new site design, a new product or whether or not they are receiving enough communication or too much communication for that matter.

Customer engagement

Engage with social networking

All online affiliates should by now have an in depth knowledge of social media. For those online lottery affiliates who have still not heard of Facebook, Twitter or Google +, you are unfortunately behind with the social networking phenomena and should not waste any more time gaining the knowledge of how these sites are capturing millions of people who simply love to engage with companies.

There are various ways in which you can leverage the engagement and sharing of your content using these social networks.  A brand experience can be memorable if you make it. By using interactive marketing channels and even live events you can resonate with the customer on a personal level.

By including customer engagement in a social media dialogue in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube product reviews and their opinions, you will be showing transparency. Let’s face it, people now buy what their friends are buying. If not their friends then people in their social networks. By them seeing their friends engaging with you and your immediate response back on an open forum leads to credibility and conversions. By dealing professionally and positively with your customers, they will feel that their opinions matter and that their particular matter was handled with individual care.

Frequency, length and time of posting

Frequency, length and time of posting are important in creating long-term engagement, especially for social media. For instance, you have to pick the right moment to discuss / promote your special offers, news about the big jackpots, lottery winners from your country and so forth.

Remember that like in real life, a relationship is developed and maintained over time and it’s important to remember that content needs to be relevant and to the point. For example, when it comes to Facebook, it is recommended that posts should not exceed 80 characters. By using an image will also immediately attract a fan.


By Incentivising your fans to engage with our brand, will not only create a buzz around your product but they will also have fun reading the other comments at the same time.  By running a small comments competition and giving away a small prize will go a long way to ensure that your social channels are well on their way to meeting your engagement marketing targets.

Below is an example of a recent comments competition run by on their Facebook page.

Engagement Marketing

What to take from this article:

Keep it simple and get to the point – Ask a single question or incentivise using a comments competition.

Make it relevant and necessary – Test with different call-to-actions to check which ones influence buyers and engage with your brand more successfully than the others.

Don’t waste time and get started – The best way for a brand to promote in a more engaging way is by getting started immediately.

Remember, Engagement Marketing is used to engage people and motivate them to participate in the development of your product.  Consumer’s today are the most informed buyers in history. Not only can they find out everything they want to know about a product but they can also find out about the company behind the product.  

They will not demand engagement from you, but by not engaging with your customers you are in fact alienating them and giving them the opportunity to go elsewhere. People like to seek out relationships by nature, whether it’s to gain knowledge about the product, double check the legitimacy of the company/product or give their opinions. In the end, they will choose the company with the most transparency via, engagement.

Take a good look at how you are engaging with your customers, and make sure that you are not simply selling your product. Engage, and find out what they think.

Once you have an interested community engaging with you, make sure you keep the lines of communication going, learn and adjust your strategy to ensure your engagement marketing will delivery bottom-line results to your business by increasing your customer base and repeat sales from your engaged customers.

As always, the LottaRewards team is always more than willing to assist any of our online lottery affiliates, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need any assistance or clarification or simply would like to comment on any points on this article, please feel free to contact us.

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