How to handle negative comments on social media
Date: 2015-05-12 09:23:37

As an affiliate, making money online, definitely gets you excited. But in your quest to write content on your blog and your social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter etc. there are times when even the most legit, hardworking and authoritative of us are faced with negative comments. 

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s easier to speak negatively about something than to recognise its value. What’s also true is that it’s easier to criticise behind the safety of the screen than to say it face to face. Once again, The LottaRewards team are here to help you with the best possible tips to deal with negative comments. After all, how you handle it will go a long way toward either creating a new customer or driving a potential sale away.

how to handle negative comments

In general, social media is well known to be a communication channel where customers interact directly with companies and chat on an open forum, for the whole world to see. This does not mean that people cannot ask questions or comment negatively about your posts. This will happen you or your social media manager will have to manage these comments too. 

Whether you like it or not, there is no control over the messages from your followers. In this context, they may express their opinion on the activities of your blog or your post on any of your social media channels and instead of fearing a negative comment, rather see it as an opportunity to further establish yourself as an industry leader in your field. 

social media

Statistical speaking, according to a study conducted in the retail industry, 68% of consumers have posted a negative message on social networks at one time or another. This could have occurred after a bad experience, or simply a rude contradictory opinion posted by a follower. Also worth mentioning, is that if a websites chat function is offline most of the time, a strain between the customer and the company can occur.  

DON’T PANIC! There is always a solution. Below you will find a number of tips that you can use to respond to negative comments on your social media channel: 

Most negative feedback falls into one of four categories: 

a business error

a misunderstanding

a negative comment


Once you have identified the category of the complaint, it will be easier to come up with a positive solution that directly addresses it.

1. Deleting negative comments 

The only time it could be remotely appropriate to delete a comment is if it contains swearing, abusive language its spam. If it’s a complaint or simply a contradictory opinion then answer it and like we said earlier, turn it into an opportunity to gain not only another loyal customer but by doing so, showing everyone else that you are legit and know exactly what you are talking about. 

How to handle negative comments

2. Offering friendly answers 

When tackling a negative comment it’s naturally always professional to do so in a friendly manner. Never take it as a personal attack e and avoid being defensive, as this can quickly escalate the issue. It's best to be accommodating, polite and really listen to the person complaining.


3. Ignore the negative posts 

This it is an approach quite common in social networks, but not necessarily correct. Sometimes the web administrators believe that if they do not respond to negative comments, these will go away or that people will forget and it will overlooked. This is not the case. By ignoring your negative comments it might have a contrary effect in terms of credibility and image to your website. 


4. Give solutions 

Sometimes it may happen that you made a mistake or you said something that caused a heated thread. If this ever happens, then offer an immediate apology and more importantly a solution. To lighten the mood you can keep it light-hearted as long as your apology is seen as sincere.  Once you have done so, it might also be a good idea to take the conversation off the social channel and resolve the issue via email.  Someone once said, "Sometimes you have to pour on a lot of sugar ... to get to that positive. But it's so worth it."  So, by adding an incentive or a free lotto voucher as a token of an apology will definitely go a long way. Especially if it’s a free voucher for the biggest current lottery jackpot available! 

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5. Moderation Tool 

Having a moderation tool is a necessity, given that people think that generally, social media networks, online brands and online content is there to communicate ideas.

From here until the backlash is only a step, and all web administrators of their brand pages have to adapt to any situation: to provide answers and explanations, to apologize where they were wrong to properly inform customers about rules of competition and to not ignore their opinion. 



In conclusion

To sum up, it’s always easier for someone to leave a negative comment than praise a brand a post or agree with your ideas. There’s no need to worry or lose your cool. Keep everything documented so that your crisis management plan evolves and covers all possible conflict areas. Be nice, helpful and thoughtful and your followers will appreciate you. You will be surprised to see how previously annoyed followers will end up becoming your very brand ambassadors by helping you on the forum.

Even if your business does not have a dedicated social media presence, you still need to know what people are saying about your company on other review sites. By typing in your company's name into Google, you will be able to see the comments that are out there. Set up alerts through Google and keep on top of the comments.

By treating your follower’s negative comments correctly and following through on your promises, it is more than possible to convert them into good, long-term advocates for your brand and gaining a loyal customer for a very long time. 

Go the extra mile and your followers will always appreciate your efforts. 

Good luck.



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