How and why to write for your blog?
Date: 2015-04-30 07:05:26

Over the past couple of weeks, the LottaRewards team have been giving you the affiliate the best possible advice concerning your blog and how your blog posts, done correctly can lead to the success of your marketing. Without it, your SEO will plummet, you will have nothing to promote in social media, you'll have no clout with your leads and customers, and you'll have fewer pages to put those valuable call-to-actions that generate inbound leads.

It’s important to write about something that gets you pumped and as an affiliate, making money online, certainly does get you excited. By writing a good post, sharing your ideas and convincing your online lottery players to get their entries into the next mammoth jackpot will ensure that your conversions increase and you hear the fab sound of the ‘ching-ching’ in your bank account.  

Understand your audience

The first step is to make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience. What do they want to know about? What will resonate with them? Consider what you know about your potential buyer and their interests while you're coming up with a topic for your blog post.

keep calm and blog on

Increase your word content

Last week we established the fact that longer blog posts were more likely to rank better on SERP, so a good way in which to add authoritative and relevant content to your blog post would be to add value to a lottery results blog by writing additional information about that specific lottery. For example, the history surrounding that particular lottery, whether or not it’s rolled over to record-breaking heights, or even near record-breaking heights. How many times those particular numbers have come up, or add in a recent lottery winners story to coincide with the lottery you are writing about. Take your keywords into consideration, and stick to your primary, secondary and keyword phrases per article. By that we mean, if you are writing an article about the Mega Millions, only write about the Mega Millions, or at least the American lotteries.  Do not mix up various lotteries in one article. 
Other valuable information you can add to your article is that fact that anyone can play any of the available online lotteries. Encourage them to sign up and be part of the international lotto action today. 
Information like this can be more than useful for the readers, and will definitely attract more traffic and conversions.


Remember the following:

1. Ensure that your blog post is authoritative and relevant and above all original content. 

2. Write with expression and in a tone that encourages the reader to continue reading. Not everything in life has to be serious. By having fun and giving examples of the message you are trying to get across, will definitely help you reader to understand. 

3. Inform always accurate your readers and let them to express their opinions, be biased, explain, justify, always use arguments.

4. Invite your readers to give their opinions, reply to the comments made, and allow opinions of others even if they are contrary to your opinions.

5. Remember that the debates are always powerful tools that can raise or lower your traffic, therefore try to act with moderation.

6. Respect the field that you wish to write about, even if you are not active in any community, the online publishing community can make your website known, read, appreciated or even hated.

7. Keep an open mind and always try to find out the latest information. The more you educate yourself and keep abreast of the latest online digital tips and tricks, the better your blog will be.   

8. Remember to stay connected also to offline media, the reality is there and you can always create this online. 

9. Be natural and write like a human. There’s nothing worse than reading an article and its stuffed full of keywords that make no sense at all. By writing an engaging article filled with passion will keep your readers coming back for more.  





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