Email Marketing – How To Get The Best Deliverability For Affiliates
Date: 2015-04-15 13:35:35

For most lottery affiliates, email marketing is a great tool to market your product to your customers. Not only can you promote the latest online lottery jackpots, you can further promote special offers to your loyal customers at the same time, which will not only increase retention, customer loyalty but increase revenue too! For most affiliates, reaching the inbox is difficult, and trying to discover why emails aren’t reaching your customers inbox can be downright confusing.


Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers without spending a lot of money. But, it’s a big responsibility too as people don’t give out their email addresses to just anyone. If you are thinking about starting a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly newsletter - here are some tips to keep in mind.

Increase traffic to your blog

Last week spoke about how to get more traffic to your blog. The problem is that blog readers, even the most loyal readers, will not routinely return on the off chance of finding new content. This is why something as important as blog readership, can never be left to mere chance, and bloggers must take the initiative to encourage their readers, to keep coming back for more. 

Once you’ve written your relevant, informative and highly targetted content, another highly successful way to maximize your traffic to your article is to add a blog section, or a link to your content in your email marketing initiatives. 

increase traffic to your blog

Tips and Tricks to Affiliate Email Marketing:

Easy Subscription

Affiliates should make it easy for players and potential players to subscribe to newsletters. By having a simple signup form on your homepage, you will immediately attract attention. Another good idea for bloggers, is to collect names and birthdays from your potential subscribers, which you can use on your various special offers. It is however, important not to go crazy with the required fields, as you do not want to make the signup process too long. 

Tell subscribers what to expect 

Whether you plan to send current lotto jackpot updates, special offers, or weekly lottery tips, it’s important to tell your readers what to expect and how often to expect it. Give them as much information as possible on your signup form, so they can decide whether they want to be on the list or not. 

Send a welcome email

A welcome email is a clever way to remind subscribers why they are on your list and reassure them that they will be privy to the exclusive lotto updates. 

Design your newsletter to fit your brand 

By designing your newsletter to fit your brand you will achieve brand unitiy. Customize your mailer templates with the same colours and logo in the header. You want your emails to be consistent with that of your blog, so the your subscribers will feel familier from the start. 

Make it scannable

Just like you, your subscribers are busy people who receive a substantial amount of mail, so make sure you get your point across by using short, clear and concise sentences. Instead of using one long block, break up your content and give the call to action (linked) as much focus as possible.  


Tips and Tricks to Affiliate Email Marketing


Send people content they want

By segmenting your database, you will be able to target certain subscribers on your list with information, or a special offers that will directly impact your campaign successfully.  You can target players by activity, country, preferred lottery, amoungst others. 
Remember, engaged readers look forward to your newsletter and share it with friends.

Informative subject headlines

Your subject heading is probably one the most imporatant factors when hitting your subscribers inbox and enticing them to open your mailer. 
Your subject line should be to-the-point and easy to understand. Remember to comply with spam rules as no matter how hard you worked on the mailers content, if you use a spam word in your subject heading – your mailer will end up in your subscrinber’s spam folder, and all your work will have been for nothing. 

Be strategic when you send

Believe it or not, there are good times and bad times to send emails. Generally speaking, Mondays and Fridays are not ideal days in which to further bombard subscribers with your promotional content or special offers.  Tuesdays and Thursdays however, are great times! But, you need to remember which product you are promoting. If for instance, if you have huge jackpot on Wednesday – hit them with your special offer mailer while its hot! 

Publish regularly 

Once you have started sending out your mailers and informed your subscribers how often to expect it, you will need to stick by it. If you go months without sending anything, your subscribers will understandabley feel that you forgot about them and will recipricate by unsubscribing or marking it as spam. Create a calendar and make the time to plan, write, design and send your newsletters regularly. 


Make time to proofread your mailer before sending. Unlike being able to edit a blog post or a post on one of your social media channels, once you have sent your mailer, it goes straight to your subscribers inbox, and you will not be able to go back and edit or update it.  Sloppy content will reflect poorly on you, so double check your grammer. Let someone else read it first. You will be surprised what a fresh pair of eyes will see. 


Make sure that you double check how your newsletter will display, as different email clients and mobile devices display emails differently. Send test emails to friends and colleagues to double check this.  

Think about mobile   

With more and more people using their mobile devices, it is vital that your email displays correctly on a mobile device. Make sure your newsletter template is responsive and do not load images that are too big either. 

Know your spam rules

Opt-in to subscribe - Only send to people who have subscribed to receive your newsletter.
Unsubscribe - Unsubscription must work! Promptly.
Maintenance - Keep your list current!
Bounces - If you ever receive a bounced email in reply to your mailing, you must determine the cause – if it was blocked and marked as spam you need to find out why and correct the cause.
Subject headings – Never use ALL CAPS, never use exclamation points!, keep subjects to 49 characters or less (including spaces) 
Content – Never use ALL CAPS, Avoid excessive use of “click here”, Avoid currency symbols $ (rather write it out Dollars and not too often either), do not use extensive BOLD lettering, do not over-use multiple colour or font variations.
Never use deceptive headers, From names, reply-to addresses, or subject lines.

Measure and optimize

Once the mailers have gone out, keep up to date with your reports in order to measure open rates, unique click-throughs, bounces and conversions.  By doing so, you will know exactly what works, what does not and where you can otimize. By doing so, you will not only look professional but you will increase revenue and that my friend is what it’s all about! 

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