Why You Should Be On Google+
Date: 2014-01-21 08:43:02

Despite being the second biggest social network in the world, Google+ is the least well-known and most misunderstood of the social networks.

Although a relatively new platform in the social media arena, Google+ has gained popularity that makes it a serious threat to Facebook and Twitter’s long established reputation.

Google+ has become a determiner of the search results you get while searching Google. Links that are plussed by anyone from your circles are given priority in search results. Similarly, when you plus blogs and websites then chances are when you conduct a query in Google search engine, Google will first poll links from those websites and blogs you already plused. This is one strategy Google is using to establish Google Plus as a leading social media website.

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15 Reasons You Should Be Using Google+

  • If already have a Gmail account and use Google docs then using Google+ is pretty much a no brainer.
  • Circles! Just as in everyday life we have our circle of friends. Google + allows you to manage your friends, customers, pages you follow into various Circles.
  • For Android users the Google+ app works great for mobile users.
  • With Google+ “Data Liberation” feature, means that you can pack up all your information and walk away in one easy step.
  • Tagging photo’s on Google+ offers a better privacy setting as it does not automatically recognise faces.
  • Hangouts! Probably one of the best features about Google+. Hangouts allows you to chat to multiple users and share documents.
  • Profile setup is an absolute breeze, especially if you already use any other Google service.
  • Tracking the hottest topics on Google+ is a must and the adjustment slider makes this even cooler.
  • Gone are the pesky friend requests! You can simply add or remove people and pages with a single click.
  • Notifications are a must for Google multitaskers. You can do several things in this area without even being on Google+.
  • Google+ is lighter. It’s way more informative and you don’t have to feel as though you are forced to ‘like’ everything.
  • Google+ will be launching ads soon – these will be beautifully targeted so stay tuned.
  • You are able to set privacy settings to every post.
  • Google+ has a photo gallery offering better viewing with unbeatable editing tools.
  • Last but not least Google+ is the King of online search which is why creating a business page on Google+ plus will without a doubt assist you with visibility and ranking!

  • Looking at Demographics
    If you have a product that appeals to men then Google+ is definitely the way to go as the stats showing how many male to female Google+ users for 2013 reflects clearly that males between the ages of 45 to 54 are using Google+ more than any other social media channel. It’s this male dominated age group that attracts online lottery players from all over the globe too – which is why creating your business page on Google+ should be one of your key social media elements for 2014.

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    If you are looking to integrate with the entire Google stable, carry significant weight in terms of SEO and organic visibility then Google+ is just what you have been waiting for!

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    All the best!

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