Creating a trustworthy Brand:
Date: 2012-12-06 08:09:14

A few tips for lottery affiliates on how to create a successful brand.

When affiliates or companies set up their own brand, you need to ensure it has its own identity for it to be recognised in separate sectors and seen as a unique brand to reach maximum success.

In this day and age nearly every online entrepreneur, big or small has dreams of building something that will last a lifetime and become successful in its own right. While some dream of fame, others dream of money, and no matter which dream is yours, each one dreams of the same end result – brand success! Creating unique brand awareness is not an easy feat, it takes dedication and hard work. But fear not, here at LottaRewards we like to give our loyal affiliates the upper hand and all the tools they need to get started.

So what do you need to do create an online brand?

Creating a lottery brand

1. What is your brand about? (What are you selling/promoting?) - Ask yourself, “What am I selling?” that will be the first step to recognising your brand name. If you are selling Diamonds you could name your brand, DiamondRush. Always look at the GOAL of your brand, you’re not just selling diamonds, you’re creating awareness of your brand and all it offers.

2. Think “Search” - If you have a clear picture of how you see your brand when it’s being searched, this will help build your brand in the long run. How will people find the links to the product you are selling? What will convince potential clients to purchase from you?

3. Be creative - Try to insert an objective within your brand name. People want information quickly and easily. Make it simple yet effective.

4. A brand is more than just a name - A good brand should convey good feelings and positive emotions. When creating your logo, slogan and website always incorporate brand identity. Keep your colour scheme the same through your products and communications. As a lottery affiliate, for example, you would convey the benefits and aspirations one could achieve by playing the lottery online.

5. Be patient, don't rush - Make sure you do it right the first time, rather take extra time and get it done properly than have to ‘re – launch’ every time you come up with a ‘better idea’. Brand changes will only harm your brand awareness in the long term. People are comfortable with what they know and are familiar with.

6. Know your market - This might not be easy if you are just starting out, but think about who would be interested in your brand and buy your product. If your audience is younger, give them fresh styling and make it relatable. Are your clients from a particular country? If so do your research, find out all you can. The more you know the better for your brand!

Always keep in mind that your brand is the foundation that your business is built on. If you create your brand with this in mind, and ensure your customer’s needs are taken care of, this will ensure they keep spending!

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