Lottery affiliates consider jackpot size when promoting
Date: 2011-05-26 10:26:31

As any lottery affiliate can tell you, one of the most important factors in increasing revenue is to increase the jackpot size of the lotteries you promote.

Now obviously there is no control over the size of the jackpots (that is totally up to chance) but you, the lottery affiliate, do have control over which lotteries you choose to promote.

Every lottery has its good and bad points to consider. Some have much better or worse odds than others, and some thus have bigger jackpots or smaller jackpots than others. Some are drawn once a week, some twice a week and some are even drawn three times a week.

As lottery affiliates will tell you, one of the most important factors to consider is the size of the jackpot:

Megamillions: An American inter-state lottery. Currently holds the record for the largest lottery win in the world ($390 million)

USA Powerball: Another American inter-state lottery. Currently holds the record for the largest lottery win by a single ticket holder ($340 million)

Both of the above lotteries offer an annuity or a cash option. The cash option will be less than the annuity option. Other big jackpots for lottery affiliates to promote include:

Euromillions: A pan-European lottery involving a number of European countries. The biggest European jackpot even won was €183.5 million.

SuperEnaLotto: The Italian lottery famous for its three draws per week and continual rollovers. Having to match 6 balls out of 90 makes it difficult to win which is why the biggest jackpot win is so high (€177.7 million)

UK National Lottery: At one point the UK Lottery had paid out the biggest jackpot win in Europe (£42 million). The UK Lottery is a favourite the world over and has a simple 4/49 format.

Australian Oz Lotto: The biggest jackpot win paid out by an Australian lotto was AUS $106 million won on the Oz Lotto.

All of the above lotteries including many others are available for lottery affiliates to promote through the affiliate program. It is always advisable for all lottery affiliates to consider the jackpot size when deciding on which lotteries to promote. The bigger is most often better!

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