Casino/Gaming affiliate v. LottaRewards affiliate
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:02

Have you been confronted with the choice of whether to promote only gaming products such as online casinos or whether to do both gaming and lottery products? This article is for you.

Casino/Gaming affiliate v. LottaRewards affiliate

Being top affiliates, many of you will have been confronted with the choice of whether to promote only gaming products such as online casinos or whether to do both gaming and lottery products. My answer in this instance would of course be the latter – and not only because I represent a brilliant (and the best) lottery affiliate program, but because I know why it works. So, please allow me to explain.

I’ll use the smooth and golden substance lovingly referred to as whiskey for my first exhibit. A good whiskey takes time to prepare and requires vast amounts of expertise to craft. It all comes together in something similar to the symmetry displayed in ballet or perhaps even the ultimate control in good opera. One could almost say that story of the craftsmanship will be revealed when taking the first sip (all the while being comforted by that soft luxurious leather chair).

Yet such a product wed of beauty and perfection is almost certainly wasted in most 21 year old tasters.

And therein lies my point. All of us happily receive traffic across a broad spectrum of demographics. Each one of those demographics have their different tastes – things that appeal to them and perhaps not to others. Therefore, were we to not display “whiskey” because half of our visitors customers prefer fruity flavoured drinks, we would stand to lose those customers that came looking for the more mature offerings.

I believe the true “trick” to optimising on profit is all in the layout. We’ve already decided that we’re not going to display only one type of drink in our shop window, but “both” so we know that we’re attracting all types. This means we’ve got the customer in the door and we now only have to sell them on something.

The good news here is that the selling part need not be the difficult part. There is only so much you can do, so leave things over to the natural order and allow your visitors to make their own choices. Fruity drinks or a whiskey. 100m sprint or long distance. Your only requirement is that you allow a broad range of choices.

The following hard and fast rules therefore apply: - Choice – always offer choice. This not only maximizes on conversion to sale, but also on your site rankings due to pure content
- Never force things by over advertising. I truly believe in the numbing of eyeballs in this instance.
- Focus your advertising on pages that appeal to specific markets. This means that if you have a page that has an article about golf, advertise the product that appeals to that market more predominantly.
- If you have a high amount of clicks on any banner, but a low conversion from that click (to sale), your banner is being seen by the wrong market and needs changing
- Always measure. Use the tools provided by all the products you promote as well as proprietary statics tools (such as Google Analytics).

If you’re reading this because you’re thinking of diversifying – please do so and join our program. We’d love to help you make more money, because at the end of the day, we all want to buy a few more bottles of whiskey (or fruity flavoured drinks).
Written by Juan Furmie. First published 01 September 2008

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