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LottaRewards Affiliate Program Information
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

The LottaRewards affiliate programme offers website owners and entrepreneurs the chance to earn great commission online.

This can be achieved by simply referring visitors from around the world to play with

Here’s how it works:

• Potential affiliates complete an online application form, which is subject to approval.
• Once this has been approved, you will receive login details where the Member’s Area can be accessed. The Member’s Area contains all the relevant FAQ’s and information needed to get you started.
• Affiliates will have access to our various marketing tools such as banners, text links and press releases.
• When you join you will also automatically be given a unique ID code, which serves to track your sales.
• This ensures every time a player purchases a lottery ticket via your site, you get credited for every ticket sale.

Show me the money!

Now that you know how the program works, take a look at the commission structure based on total sales per lottery per month:

• Less than 50 tickets - 15% earned
• 51 - 150 tickets - 17% earned
• 151 - 250 tickets - 19% earned
• 251 - 500 tickets - 21% earned
• 501 - 650 tickets - 23% earned
• 651 and above tickets - 25% earned

Commission is earned on a monthly basis across our 5 lotteries. The amount will vary from month to month so if you would like to monitor your performance daily, log into the Member’s Area and check out the reports available.

Commission is paid on a monthly basis on, or before the 15th of each month, and your referred customers remain your customers for ever - delivering lifetime rewards for each referral.

Sounds like a hassle-free way to make money, doesn’t it? Why not sign up on and start earning today.


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