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Holidays and Jackpots Mix Well
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Going away needn't cost you that well deserved Jackpot. Here's why you should mix Holidays & Jackpots - the PlayUKinternet style.

So you’re getting ready to depart to your yearly festive destination. You’ve got the kids packed in with the luggage, the golf clubs tucked away where the wife won’t see and the end-of-year gift (to yourself) safely locked away in the cupboard. But alas, something is amiss. You’re not sure if you can gauge what though.

Of course, it is the fact that “if you’re not in it, you cannot win it”. Which is exactly what makes PlayUKinternet the ultimate online provider; not only can you enter all your favourite numbers for the entire holiday period all at once, but should you win the big one while skiing or building a snow man, you will receive a personal phone call from our friendly team informing you of your good fortune! Holidays & jackpots indeed mix well!

And we’re not content with only this. No sir! We like to rack up the reasons to play with PlayUKinternet during the festive season.

Our top 4 are:

  1. Massive jackpots
    Definitely not-to-be-missed so play by subscription/span

  2. Four PlayMiniUKlotto superdraws
    2 Million Pounds over 2 weeks and only 50p an entry!

  3. Free tickets galore
    Get free tickets for each transaction as well as monthly loyalty freebies!

  4. Email and text message updates
    In the event of a New Year superdraw, you’ll be kept up to speed

So go ahead, sign up today at and experience what has made PlayUKinternet the world’s preferred ticket purchaser for over 10 incredible years! And while you’re there, win yourself a little Christmas present as well.


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