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Can being rich suck?
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

We all have the occasional daydream about winning the lottery.

Admit it, you have visualized in detail how great it will be being filthy rich with not a worry in the world. But have you thought of the possibility that being rich is not ideal? Can being rich suck?

This might sound like heresy but there are consequences to being rich:

1. You become public property. The tabloids, celebrity gossip and the legal archives will back up this fact.

2. You will become a bank. Imagine never-ending pleas for money. Charities will woo you, you will be offered more credit cards than you will need in a lifetime and then I am not even talking about the guilt you will feel for the causes you are not supporting.

3. Money strains friendships. Have you wondered if a couple of million might drive a wedge between you and your buddies? You will lead a very different lifestyle than your friends and this could lead to guilt, awkwardness and jealousy.

4. You will never know who your real friends are. There is a strong possibility that people would only befriend you because of your money. How would you know who likes you and who likes your money?

5. You will have time. This can be an advantage to do great things, but if you are lazy or uncreative or uneducated. This can become a problem. Being home all day is boring, travelling is tiring, you can’t and shouldn’t shop all the time, parties will wear off and what would you do then?

Then again, with a couple of million to spare, how bad can it be being filthy rich?

You know it. Being filthy rich is fabulous!

If you have what it takes, don’t forget to play !


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