Press Release says “Lottery numbers don’t lie”
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Whether you’re pinching pennies or handing out hundreds, there’s one thing in life that doesn’t discriminate – luck.

We often hear of broke postal workers or destitute housewives winning the astronomical jackpots that lotteries offer, but how often do the fabulously wealthy walk away with the winning ticket? Do the ‘nouveau riche’ play the lottery and, if so, how many multi-millionaires are bumping up their bank balances with jackpot winnings?

“Lottery players are from all walks of life,” says a spokesperson. “The EuroMillions lottery has seen its share of wealthy players hitting it big but since they usually choose to remain anonymous they don’t gain the widespread media exposure that less fortunate winners attract.”

A case in point is the most recent win in the EuroMillions lottery - a mystery man who scooped winnings of over Є37 million. The lucky recipient, who has requested to stay anonymous, is rumoured to already run a successful business empire and owns a fleet of luxury vehicles. This is no isolated incident - the mysterious winner follows in the footsteps of another affluent businessman, Jack Whitaker of West Virginia, USA, who won Є226 million in one of the largest single US lottery payouts in history.

So who is the typical lottery winner? A humble carpenter, a penniless cleaning lady, or a wealthy business tycoon? Whoever you are, remember that numbers don’t discriminate. Everyone has a chance to strike it lucky and, with up to €183 million up for grabs each week in Europe’s biggest lottery, the easiest way to join the rich list is to buy your ticket at Log on today for your chance to win!


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