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How to make money online
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Can people really make money online?

There is a saying that goes, ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’ and unfortunately with many ‘work from home’ opportunities this is generally the case. Whether it’s stuffing envelopes or the thinly disguised online pyramid schemes involving businesses that provide no actual product or services it seems that everyone is looking for a quick buck these days.

In the case of making money on the internet this is not always the case. The internet truly does present people with an amazing avenue to make money, whether this is through advertising your business online or by creating a dedicated revenue stream from internet marketing.

In short, there is most certainly a very real opportunity for making large amounts of cash online.

A real opportunity does exist

The most obvious way in which one can profit from the power of the internet is through selling your product or service online. Why not build a website to market your dog grooming service or a Facebook page promoting your homemade pizza flavoured cigarettes? The channels available for advertising on the net are almost limitless. These include:

• Creating a website
• Purchasing banner advertising on an already established website
• Using social media such as Twitter and Facebook
• Email marketing

Of course not everyone has a product or service to sell. What if someone wants to make money by advertising other people’s products or services?

What if I don’t have anything to sell?

If you have a well established online presence such as a popular website or blog you should be able to acquire advertising deals fairly easily. This will typically involve selling space on your site for a predetermined fee each month.

An increasingly popular way for people to make money online though is through non-traditional advertising, most notably by engaging in affiliate marketing.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program (also known as an affiliate network) is a program that a person can join that will enable them to market other companies’ brands and to make money from doing so.

This is typically done via either a revenue share deal whereby any customers referred to the advertiser by the affiliate earn the affiliate a percentage of the sale value. Other variations include cost-per-click where the program will pay you a set amount for every click that is made on the advertiser’s links and also cost-per-action where the program pays out a set amount for every lead (or other type of action) sent via the affiliate to the advertiser.

What kinds of products are available to promote

Affiliate programs are now representing almost every type of online business imaginable and it’s safe to say that there are not many industries out there that are not involved in some type of affiliate offering. The most common industries to be promoted are:

• Travel
• Online retail
• Insurance
• Gambling & Lottery

Most affiliate programs will provide affiliates with marketing materials (such as banners and links) that will enable the affiliate to promote the relevant brands that they choose. All traffic from the affiliate to the advertiser’s website (including banner clicks and impressions) will be tracked by the affiliate program. This enables the program to determine how much money the affiliate has made.

How are affiliates paid?

This is possibly the most important consideration for many affiliates and rightly so. With the rise of online business and e-commerce the number of options for transferring and receiving funds has grown dramatically. You will normally be presented with a number of payment options for the online commission that you have earned including any of the following:

• Internet bank transfer (EFT)
• Paypal
• Moneybookers
• Neteller

The options for receiving payment online are growing daily and thanks to internet security developments it is incredibly safe.

Businesses of the future

The world is rapidly waking up to the power of affiliate marketing as a lucrative online business model. This is the time to get involved if you are not already.


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