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LottaRewards affiliate program turns two
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Congratulations to LottaRewards, the online lottery affiliate program, for reaching its second birthday! That’s two fantastic years of offering unrivalled commission and promotional opportunities in the lottery affiliate industry.

Happy birthday to LottaRewards

Hundreds of thousands of players from around the world are waking up to the fact that they can win millions of Dollars by playing international lotteries online. Lotteries such as Euromillions, The UK Lottery and The USA Powerball bring punters in their droves to stand a chance at winning jackpots that regularly climb into the hundreds of millions.

LottaRewards provides affiliates with an opportunity to earn a slice of this increasingly lucrative pie.

Lottery site marries affiliate marketing has been providing the world with over a decade of service in the lottery industry, giving players the chance to enter the biggest lotteries in the world. In addition to simply providing their players with opportunities for unlimited wealth they launched an affiliate program to run along side their lottery site. Known originally as the ‘Affiliate Zone’ it soon became apparent from the demand and growth in affiliates that this simple program was not going to be enough.

LottaRewards is born

Launched in September 2008, LottaRewards immediately stepped up to the plate providing new and unrivaled marketing tools for their affiliates:

• Top notch advertising banners in every size imaginable
• Automated jackpot banners showing the latest jackpot sizes
• Text links
• RSS Feeds
• Press Releases
• Playblock iframes
• Offline promotional opportunities

This is all coupled with fantastic conversion, retention and up sell strategies by including sign up bonuses and draw reminder emails. The end result is a great earning opportunity for affiliates.

Follow all the action online

LottaRewards has a strict policy of transparency in its program administration so affiliates are provided with a robust reporting functionality in their accounts.

Lottery affiliates will be able to follow their player sign-ups in real-time and watch as their commission grows throughout the month.

World class affiliate marketing on more than one level

Its not only players that affiliates are able to refer to, it’s also other affiliates. That’s right; LottaRewards provides special tracking codes enabling affiliates to refer other affiliates to them. And if they start earning, so does the referring affiliate. That means that affiliates have the chance to earn on two tiers and increases the amount of people the affiliate is able to market to.

Don’t do it for us – Do it for the money!

If the entrepreneurial catch phrase of the 80’s and 90’s was ‘Earn money from home’ then the updated version of that must now surely be ‘Earn money online’.

Unlike many of the dubious online “pyramid schemes” and other “get-rich-quick” opportunities currently online at the moment, offers a real online business opportunity to internet entrepreneurs.

The LottaRewards program offers affiliates a revenue share deal whereby they stand to earn up to 25% on the total value of sales from their referred players. This is a commission structure that is unrivaled in the lottery affiliate industry. In addition, affiliates will continue to earn revenue from their referred players for as long as they continue to advertise the lottery brands.

Affiliate program for the future

As with all business opportunities there is a lot of money to be made for anyone with the drive to succeed – what you put in is what you get out. And you can certainly make some very, very good money with To date they have paid out millions of Dollars in commission and this is set to increase by even more.

As further lotteries and products are added to the stable and as the online gaming industry continues its exceptional growth, LottaRewards will be very well placed to be an even more invaluable business partner for affiliates the world over.


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