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EUROMILLIONS SUPERDRAW: $145,000,000 / €100,000,000 / £85,000,000 - FRIDAY 18/09/2009!
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Press release for Euromillions Superdraw - 18th September 2009


Hold on to your wallets, it's EuroMillions Superdraw time once again. That means you could be enriching your life with one of the world's biggest single draw Euro jackpots on Friday, the 18th of September 2009.

The massive jackpot has been confirmed as $145,000,000, €100,000,000 or £85,000,000. In whichever currency you prefer that is still one of the largest Euro Jackpots you will see all year.

EuroMillions usually features this type of massive jackpot only twice a year - A draw in February to mark their birthday and then later again in the year in September. Lottery players queue in stores all over Europe to get tickets and the excitement always reaches fever pitch. Why not beat the crowds and play easily and comfortably from your arm chair at home on

The best thing about the EuroMillions superdraw is that the jackpot MUST be won and can NOT roll over. This means that if no one matches all the winning numbers, the prize money will be distributed amongst the second tier level of winners (Match 5 and 1 Star).
Therefore YOU could walk away with millions of Euro in your back pocket, without even having matched all of the numbers correctly. It's as though Christmas is early this year!

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