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Unclaimed Lottery Prizes - Is that Possible?
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

Winning millions in a lottery is a dream common to people around the world. In contrast to this, the amazing but true fact is that scores of lottery wins remain unclaimed. There are people who buy lottery tickets but are unaware that they have won a fortune!

It is a fact that every week in the UK about 2 million pounds remain unclaimed. Around the world an incredible amount of lottery money is unclaimed by winners.

What are the reasons for unclaimed wins?

• Scratch games are too complicated for some players to understand that they have won
• Players do not check to see if their ticket has won as they depend on the store clerks who are in charge of the terminals
• At times, winners simply forget to check their winnings
• Some players end up losing their tickets

What happens to the unclaimed sum?

Every lottery has a time frame to claim after which if not claimed the winnings returns to the lottery organization or the government which then is sent to hospitals, healthcare or education funds. Different countries have different rules to deal with unclaimed lottery sums.

The winner becomes a loser!
The winner in such an unlucky case becomes a lottery loser. The very thought that millions of pounds or dollars have been lost is unpleasant and unbearable. The thought that the winning ticket has been discarded by mistake or untraceable in some coat pocket or corner of the house is very disheartening. So is there a way to claim lottery winnings without any complications?

Winning and claiming in safety
Online lotteries have a safe and valid option of claiming your wins. When you participate in this kind of lottery the steps are precise and you have a registered account which is maintained. Small winnings could be converted to more chances or options to play or collected by the winner. Instructions are given to the players clearly and they are informed by email of the winning numbers from which they could check their account.

Therefore it is wiser for lottery aspirants to select online lotteries to try their luck and claim their wins in an uncomplicated and technically easy manner. is the world’s most trusted and secure lottery ticket purchasing service which has been operating for over 10 years.

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