Press Release Goes The Extra Mile For Winner
Date: 2012-11-01 08:03:15

With over 14 years experience in the global lottery concierge service is no stranger to making things happen.

Providing tickets for 12 of the biggest lottery games to players all around the world takes a pretty robust infrastructure. The taking of orders, processing, purchasing and storage of tickets along with the associated admin involved in checking results and paying winners is something that has turned into a fine art. But nothing could prepare them for the logistical nightmare of trying to organise free beer! In September this year celebrated the Oktoberfest beer festival by offering one lucky player a year’s supply of free beer. A prize that they believed was interesting, exciting and desirable. Their prize choice was validated by a fantastic response amongst players to enter the competition. There could be only one winner however, the lucky Mr. Synowiec from Poland. “Thank you for this very surprising and wonderful news. My family and friends are shocked, positively shocked of course. They are probably quietly waiting for an Octoberfest party!”

lottery winner prize

What hadn’t bargained for was the complex process of providing Mr. Synowiec with a year’s supply of his favourite beer, ‘Tyskie’. Although they faced many obstacles along the way, made it happen. Being a non-Polish company, had a mountain of administrative hurdles to face to provide Mr. Synowiec with his favourite Tyskie tipple. Who knew that tax numbers, customs officers and border control would all need to be involved in the seemingly simple act of purchasing 108 cases of Polish beer. Thanks to the resilience of and the patience of their Oktoberfest competition winner the beer delivery was finally made just one month after the competition closed. is constantly running competitions in addition to providing tickets to all the biggest lotteries in the world. Their latest competition is entitled “The American Dream” and offers players the chance to win 1 of 3 American themed prizes including a 5 day trip to New York City with spending money.


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