Press Release Lottery Bundles Spark Excitement
Date: 2012-06-01 07:24:47

Lottery players of the world unite! International lottery ticket providers,, is offering bundle lottery ticket purchases for all players.

How many horror stories have circulated about lottery players losing out on millions because they simply forgot to enter their usual numbers for the draw? has taken the uncertainty and risk out of getting your numbers in on time for your favourite lottery draws – the lottery bundle! Lottery bundles enable diligent lotto players to purchase lottery tickets in advance of the draws. This ensures that a player need never worry about missing out on a draw. But wait, this is not the only advantage to playing with bundles. Advantages Of Playing The Lotto With Bundles 1) Get your tickets into every draw in advance 2) Enter different lotteries at the same time – simply click one button 3) Receive up to 25% discount on the cost of your lottery tickets What Lottery Bundle Packages Are Available? offers three lottery bundle options for keen lotto players to take advantage of: • Standard Bundle Includes all 12 lottery games available on • Super 7 Bundle Lotto players can choose their favourite 7 lotteries from the 12 available on • Big 5 Bundle Automatically plays the 5 most popular lotto games on Lotto bundles are available over five different time periods: • One Week Play • Four Week Play • Three Month Play • Six Month Play • One Year Play The Simple Choice When It Comes To Playing Lotto Online Not only are lottery bundles the most convenient and safest ways to play the lottery online, they are also the most affordable. Get to and make sure you are ‘in it to win it’ with all your favourite lottery games online. Hundreds of millions of Dollars are waiting for you to take the chance!


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