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MegaMillions Jackpot Breaks New Record - 540,000,000.00 USD
Date: 2012-03-30 08:41:28

The MegaMillions has increase yet again and is now sitting at an awesome 540,000,000.00 USD

Historic MegaMillions Draw On is once again proud to announce that the MegaMillions jackpot is a whopping 540,000,000 Million US Dollars. This 540,000,000 Million Dollar Jackpot draws on Friday 30th March 2012. The MegaMillions lottery is a multi-state US lottery game that is played by millions of lottery hopefuls from all over the world. It previously was known as ‘The Big Game’ and has included some of the biggest jackpots that have ever been offered across all the lotteries around the globe. Making it no surprise that the biggest jackpot on offer right now is the MegaMillions. The Jackpot Record Being Broken The 6th of March 2007 will live on in the hearts and minds of lotto fans and lottery affiliates from around the globe. This was the day on which the largest jackpot prize for a lottery was won! The lottery jackpot in question belonged to the famous Megamillions lottery - the jackpot an eye-popping $390 million USD. This was won by two lucky winners from New Jersey and Georgia. Five years later and this record has now been over-written by an extra 150,000,000 Million US Dollars. Since the jackpot draw on Tuesday night, the jackpot has increased from nearly 400,000,000 Million US Dollars to 540,000,000 Million US Dollars. This current roll over started on the 27th January and this Friday will make it the 19th draw in this series. Just like's other famous American lotteries, the MegaMillions offers the jackpot prize as an annuity payment (total jackpot won paid out over a number of years to the winner) or lotto enthusiasts can take the lump-sum cash offer which is paid out immediately to the winner. MegaMillions Is The Dream-Maker In these financially turbulent times, it’s not often that one can come across such a life changing opportunity to massively increase ones wealth. This kind of money is what dreams are made of – there would be no limitations! The only question left would be what to buy first! The famous offers tickets for 3 America lotteries including the MegaMillions, Powerball and the Californian SuperLottos Plus. MegaMillions tickets are on sale until the cut off at 22-00 GMT Friday 30th March 2012.


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