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Lotto twists of fate
Date: 2011-01-20 12:04:35

If ever there was a time when you don't want things to go wrong, that is when they will normally go wrong! And nothing brings out the cruel twists of fate quite like the lottery!

Here is a list of some of the most common lotto twists of fate that exist:

1. You check the paper and find that you have matched all six numbers, but then you find the newspaper misprinted two of the numbers

Why not check the results online at instead?

2. The Jackpot gets to $40,000,000 and you finally win, then you find out 20 other people also won first place

This is like having money stolen right out of your pocket - but still, winning a small part of something big is better than winning no part at all!

3. You matched all the winning numbers, but you LOST your ticket

It is very important to store all your lottery tickets in a safe place. Don't just leaving them around the house - it may be the biggest (and most expensive) mistake you will ever make!

4. The only time you win, it’s a pitifully small amount

Some people win the SuperEnaLotto when its sitting at over 100 million Euro. Some people win it when it's sitting at 7 million Euros. This is simply fate - And remember, any win on the lottery is still amazing!

5. Your spouse wins, then leaves you

This can be sad, but hopefully you have a strong pre-nuptial agreement in place so you can hit them for half!

6. You finally hit it big, then you find all the friends you never had

Many problems that winners have is that they don't know who their real friends are because everyone is after their money. This can be incredibly difficult to deal with but once you buy yourself a new Ferrari I'm sure you will feel better.

7. You finally hit it big, then you die the same day

This is unfortunate but at least you know that your family will be well taken care of. Just make sure that one of them knows your ticket was the winning one!

8. Whoever wins either is already rich or has won at least once before

Just because you are already wealthy does not mean that you will not still enjoy a lottery win! If you have everything you already want you can always just donate the money to charity

Beat cruel fate

We can't stop your partner leaving you if they ever hit it big! But we can ensure that you don't forget to place your entries for each draw and that you never lose your ticket by playing online!

Get to for all your lottery desires and beat cruel fate at it's own game!


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