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A Ferrari - In your living room
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

Your home is your sanctuary. Your haven away from the outside world. A retreat where you can unwind, sit back and relax. Slip a mood-enhancing cd into your home entertainment system and feel your worries melt away.

Why not slip into cruise control with the new Meridian Ferrari F80 System? This stylish and sexy compact table-top system is the hybrid creation of Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari and British high-end audio company Meridian.

True to Italian form and flair, the Meridian Ferrari F80 System presents the simplicity of a one-piece component, while offering unsurpassed performance robust enough to satisfy all but the most discerning of audiophiles!

Into the F80’s compact chassis, Meridian fits a DVD/CD player, AM/FM radio, two front-facing 4 inch speakers, a rear-firing subwoofer, and 80 watts of digital amplification. An ipod docking station as well as other audio devices are available upon request.

At a manageable $3,000 the F80 offers acute audio enhancement thanks to advanced engineering efforts. Digital processing has enabled the sexy F80 to deliver a natural enveloping sound, without the hassle of having to place surround-sound speakers across your living room.

An extraordinarily dense composite material, borrowed from Ferrari racecars provides a rigid enclosure for the F80’s hardworking drivers. This also allows the F80 to deliver enough crystal-clear audio to fill a modestly sized home. As a signature finishing touch, Meridian will complete the creation of the F80 in any one of the five stock Ferrari colours.

If you’re playing in this Friday’s amazing EuroMillions draw you could easily treat yourself to a Ferrari or two - one for the garage and one for the living room!


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