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How to deposit funds manually into your account
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

Instructions for players to deposit funds via direct bank deposit / EFT:

The online funds facility allows you to manage the way you purchase your tickets quickly and easily.

1.) To access your online funds facility you simply need to log into your account and use the following buttons on the right-hand side menu.

2.) Click on "Account Balance" to check your available funds and to see if you have any winnings or free ticket vouchers.

3.) Click on "Deposit Funds" to make deposits into your online funds account.

Should you wish to make a direct bank deposit (EFT) please follow the below procedure:

4.) Go to the “Please enter your payment details” section

5.) Click on the section that says “Direct Deposit: To make a direct deposit please click here”

This will then take you to the “Direct Deposit” page

6.) Select your country from the “Available Countries” drop-down menu

7.) This will then bring up your unique REFERENCE CODE and a list of relevant banks and account numbers that you can use to make your deposit. (There is a print option for each of the bank account details)

Please note that it is very important that you use your reference code when making your deposit otherwise we will not be able to trace your payment.

8.) Once you have completed your direct deposit, either via internet banking or over-the-counter payment, please fax confirmation to +44 8704 580264 or email [email protected]

Once you have deposited funds into your online account you will be able to play your favourite lotteries with even more convenience than ever before. Any tickets you purchase will be deducted from your online funds automatically!


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