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Beat the recession
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

What you can do to assist:

What you can do to assist:

They say a major factor which can help get an economy out of recession is increased spending. So with up to $295 Million US Dollars (Mega Millions: $145 Million ; Powerball: $150 Million) up for grabs in the first two huge rollover lottery draws this week, you could be well equipped to do your part in boosting consumer spending and at the same time living the life of ultimate luxury.

This is a great opportunity to have the money to buy your dream house - whether it’s built on a quiet & serene beach or directly in the hustle & bustle of a major city. Perhaps it’s not living spaces that gets you going, but driving spaces (or parking spaces)! Then that super car you thought you would never be able to get your hands becomes reality just that little bit quicker.

Just think about it: every car, yacht or house you buy and every holiday you take, you’re actually helping to stimulate and bring the economy out of recession. Noble isn’t it?

Another problem in times of recession is that companies are battling to get loans to grow their businesses. Traditional banks are too exposed in these dangerous conditions and cannot accept the risk. So with the potential of becoming a multi-millionaire this week, you could solve some of the problems by starting your own business lending money to troubled companies while in the process making a larger return than you would have made by placing the money into a regular bank account. Not to forget how great you’d feel having assisted the economy and saving some precious jobs in the process.

Yet another noble gesture!

So, why not take part in the huge rollover Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot draws this week? Play now and stand the chance to join the super-rich and live the life of luxury!

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