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What do winner's spend their money on?
Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:02

How would a large lottery win change your life? What you do with the money? Would you quit your job and if so, how would you spend your time? What do you think the best thing about your win would be?

Camelot, the organisers of the UK National Lottery, has released a survey held amongst UK Lottery jackpot winners from the past 10 years. The survey deals only with the winners who did not opt for anonymity and reveals many fascinating insights into what these winners have done with their wealth.

The source of the below stats comes from the Camelot plc website.

Money to friends, family and charity

98% of jackpot winners have given part of their winnings to family

87% of jackpot winners have given a portion away to charity

73% have given some of their winnings to friends

Does winning the jackpot make you happy?

35% of winners are as happy since winning the jackpot

65% of winners report that they are happier since winning the jackpot

The best thing about winning

28% claim that the lack of stress is the best thing about winning

14% state that the best thing about winning is being able to give up work

13% believe that being able to look after family and friends is the best thing about winning.

What winners spend their money on

One in seven jackpot winners purchased a property overseas (Spain being most popular, with the USA being second most popular)

Favourite holiday destinations include USA for 21% of winners, Spain for 10% of winners and the Caribbean for 9% of winners.

63% take three or more holidays per year since their win, while 7% of winners take 10 or more holidays a year.

35% of jackpot winners own a BMW

26% of jackpot winners own a new Range Rover or Land Rover

27% of jackpot winners own a new Ford

Work and investments

13% of winners were unemployed when they won.

27% of winners are still working after their big win (55% are full-time and 45% work part-time).

27% have started their own business and 7% have bought into an existing business.

So what kinds of investments have UK Lottery winners put their money into?

78% invested into stocks and shares

72% have placed their money in a high interest accounts and pension schemes

69% invested in home improvements

53% purchased property as an investment (on average 3.7 properties each)

30% bought their own business.

Dreams to reality

Many people dream of winning the lottery and of all the amazing things they would do with the money. It is quite another thing to actually be a winner and to be faced with having to deal with millions and millions of Pounds.

Amongst all the turmoil one has to face reality and deal with the logistics of a large win: Where do I put my money? How long do I continue working? How do I invest? Amongst many other questions and decisions you would be faced with. It is thus very interesting to hear from the horse’s mouth what past winners do with their winnings.

To be included in the next winner’s survey make sure you’re a winner on the UK Lottery. Get to and make sure your entries are in for the draw!


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