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Date: 2010-05-25 10:22:51

The opportunities for earning affiliate commission are growing daily. Hundreds of thousands of people are waking up to this amazing opportunity to earn from home, but what about affiliates that would rather promote offline?

No website? No problem!

Not everybody has a website or a serious online presence. Well, gone are the days when this is an obstacle to being an affiliate. An online presence is now longer necessary for earning commission through – the world’s most reputed lottery affiliate program.

Good, old fashioned business cards

LottaRewards has taken a step back to take a step forward. Business cards, the staple of business referrals from the past, have made a comeback. Instead of referring people online you can now refer them to face-to-face, the good, old fashioned way.

For affiliates without an online presence, this is a perfect solution. You can now market to your friends, business associates and family members offline.

How does it work?

Online tracking through affiliate links has now been supplemented with unique affiliate sign up codes and website URL’s. These are displayed on your business cards. Affiliates will enter this signup code onto the registration page and will be assigned to you (it is essential that they enter the signup code). Or better yet, if they arrive at the site through your unique URL they do not even need to enter the signup code; they will automatically be assigned to your account.

Where do I get my offline material from?

Here is the method for getting your promotional business cards:

• Go to ‘account’
• Click on ‘offline campaigns’
• Fill in this form and submit
• This will create your signup code and assign it to your campaign
• Go to ‘tools’
• Click on ‘offline flyers’
• A default card has been created for you
• To choose different artwork or languages click on ‘create’
• Fill in this form and submit
• Download
• Print out the cards yourself or take them to professional printers (suggested thickness of card is 200GSM)

Following all the offline action online

The offline promotions are tracked in a similar way to the online traffic. Signups will reflect in the ‘general report’ under ‘offline flyers’. To see the sales associated with your offline campaigns go to your ‘campaign’ report and select the offline campaign you wish to see stats for. It’s as simple as that. All offline commission is automatically added to your commission under the ‘general report’.

A new era for our affiliates

We at are very excited about this new promotional avenue for our affiliates. This will open up new opportunities for many of our affiliates who were unable to market previously and we look forward to some major growth for these affiliates.

Example of affiliate offline business card

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