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Polish is here!

Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

With the SuperEna jackpot reaching a stellar €123,000,000 (for the 08/08/2009 draw), it's already gained a massive following and generated mainstream media coverage all over the world including prominent European news channels. This, of course, has resulted in fantastic sign-up and conversion figures which many of you have already had a taste of. It's a good taste isn't it?

And then we happen to announce the Polish version of our sites - convenient no? It's like gravy for your favourite meal!

We're sure all our Polish facing affiliates will be very happy about this. The obvious route to take now will be to use the Polish press release on your site, create and use Polish specific text links to direct traffic to the Polish language sites and then generate as much native Polish content and "buzz" as possible.

You'll also be happy to know that should a Polish visitor click on your links and land on our site, they will automatically see the Polish version of that particular site. That is because our sites look for the default browser language for that specific visitor and will then display the language if available. This is so for all our currently translated versions.

For any comments or questions, please use the contact us page or drop a line in the forums.

All the best!
The LottaRewards Team

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