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Massive New Range of Banners

Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:04

The launch of our services for the PowerBall and MegaMillions lotteries under the name has been successful. Highly successful. In fact - we're not sure there is an adjective that can be applied to "successful" that will do it true justice. Which is why our SuperDesigner (who might've been grown in a test tube rather than having been born) was plugged in to build us some fantastic banners. Here is one of my favourites as an example:

The banners can be found in the group " Americana". There have also been many requests for the next jackpot size banners. We're now pleased to announce their highly anticipated arrival. For these banners, please see the groups "PowerBall dynamic banners" and "MegaMillions dynamic banners". Or if you want to see all the dynamic style images, simple select "All Types" and "Rotating" without selecting a banner group. The following illustration explains it further:

We'd like to encourage all of you to seriously consider running these banners in conjunction with good strong text content to increase their effectiveness. As always - feel free to contact us or use the forums to find advice or opinions.

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