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Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:02

With the relaunch of, we are now introducing affiliate commission to all affiliates on these products. Owing to the much smaller margins commission is set at 15%. is used primarily to re-activate inactive players by offering them cheaper tickets, 50 pence on average, into 'smaller versions' of the big brand lotteries. Jackpots are set at fixed amounts (in the region of 700,000 Pounds depending on the lottery) and the winning numbers are based on the original lottery (i.e. the winning numbers for the Mini UK Lottery draw is the same as the normal UK Lottery draw). In the event that any affiliates would like to promote these draws please note that creative will be made available for it in the upcoming months. Currently the Mini lotto is only being promoted via reminder emails sent once every two weeks. For the new affiliates not familiar with the Mini Lottos please check out the website here. Please also note that the terms & conditions have been updated to reflect the addition of the Mini Lotto commision.

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