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Powerball and SuperEna Max Jackpots Soar

Date: 2017-05-10 11:00:12

If there’s ever a perfect opportunity to promote the biggest jackpots on, it’s now! US Powerball has soared to an unbelievable 301,000,000 USD and our favourite home-grown lottery SuperEna Max has reached an incredible 423,000,000 Euro. All the more reason to get your leads into action if they want a piece of these life-changing “pies”!

The most recent US Powerball win came from a woman in Nebraska after she scooped a second-tier prize. Her big win amounted to $1 million and she couldn’t be happier. She is from Grand Island in Nebraska and she matched the first five numbers of a recent Powerball draw she entered. They were: 11-21-31-41 and 59. 

The only number she missed out on was the Powerball 21. Had she matched this, she would have gone home with the whole $165 million jackpot! According to lottery officials, she has been playing Powerball for many years and has bought mostly all of her tickets from Casey’s General Store on North Eddy Street. It was there that she bought her life-changing Powerball ticket. 

She hasn’t yet decided what she wants to do with her winnings, but so far she wants to buy a new grill and help her sister pursue a degree as a veterinary technician. 

SuperEna Max and Powerball Jackpots

That’s one story you could inspire your readers with! That just goes to show that no matter where you are, you still have just as much luck as anyone to win the prize of a lifetime! 

SuperEna Max has made some pretty big winners on PlayHugeLottos over the years, and this isn’t going to stop anytime soon! All it takes is 6 lucky numbers for someone to change their life forever and never look back. 

If you want to make a fantastic commission this month, then take advantage while these two jackpots are still HOT and get promoting! Every little action contributes towards a great outcome in ticket sales. 

All the best and wishing you a fruitful month,

The LottaRewards Team 

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