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Join Us At The 2017 Nordic iGaming Conference In Stockholm

Date: 2017-03-14 14:11:55

The conference in this new territory will be taking place from between the 6th to the 7th of April, 2017. The city will be Stockholm and attendees can expect many people such as media agencies, advertising networks, operators, and key affiliates to be there. 

This specific conference will be a bit different to the larger iGB Affiliate events hosted in London, Amsterdam and Berlin. This event will be more of a lounge-style occasion enabling delegates to network in a more intimate, productive, and fluid way. 

Attendees of the conference can expect regional workshops that focus purely on the Nordic igaming affiliate market. Business networking will also be facilitated. A networking opportunity during a dinner will be available to delegates the evening before the actual event. That way everyone attending the conference gets to meet one another so there is no awkwardness. 

There will be expert speakers sharing information for all future success. The Nordic-focused event is a real opportunity for the igaming professionals to meet and organise growth opportunities in the new Scandinavian markets. 

The LottaRewards team are very excited and proud to be attending this event, and we highly recommend that you make an attendance too! 

We hope to see you there for your future success. 


The LottaRewards Team 

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