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Stay Social To Retain Your Players

Date: 2016-12-14 13:13:52

By extending the lifecycle of your players, you will increase revenue and reduce marketing costs. You will also improve the SEO performance of the main site, too, due to players always going back and staying for longer periods of time. One way you can keep your players coming back is to engage with them across different social media platforms. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus more than ever before. Not only are they browsing the content on these platforms, but they are also interacting and reacting to it. 

Engaging players is valuable because a previously disinterested player can become a more active one. When they engage with the brand, it increases the rapport they have with it. You might think that diverting players from the site to social media platforms is counterproductive, but this is how you start to build a relationship with the brand. 

You never know. They might enjoy seeing the posts from the brand, inspiring an association with the brand and happiness, or a generally good mood. One must be super careful, though, because it has the potential to backfire if you are not aware that there are sensitive people out there. One bad joke could lead to outrage and tarnish the brand’s reputation. You don’t want a PR disaster on your hands. Not all attention is necessarily good attention. 

You need to be very confident about what the brand stands for. An emerging trend is that customers are turning to social media platforms to answer questions rather than the actual website so that they can get speedy replies. Being able to address the customer personally helps create a relationship with the player and turn a negative experience into a positive one. 

We’ll leave you with a few quotes by a Sharon McFarlane, managing director and co-founder of Crystal Content, a social media agency: 

“Directing players from the site to a social media platform may initially seem counterproductive but this is the way in which the outreach starts.”

“Many brands choose to protect themselves by keeping their content squeaky clean, understanding that one person’s joke is another person’s reason to not associate with a company anymore.”

“By using unique codes and links, the percentage of players that come from a social media platform to the site can be tracked.”

We hope that these tips can make a difference in your strategies and lead to long-term success! 

The LottaRewards Team 

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