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A Christmas Commission Of Dreams

Date: 2016-12-01 13:10:00

So, what is El Gordo de Navidad exactly?

El Gordo de Navidad is one of the most popular Spanish lottery games. It’s played once a year and the hype builds up as the year draws to a close and people await the exciting massive draw. Think of it as “The Christmas Jackpot”. It has now become a tradition in Spain. Every 22nd of December, the draw takes place, and it’s now the most played lottery in Spain. 

It’s considered an extra special lottery because it’s played by large groups of people like towns and villages, even though the draw is once a year. It doesn’t only have popularity in Spain. Due to its massive jackpot, it has gained a loyal following across the globe. 

El Gordo Navidad Draw

The game doesn’t follow the normal rules of gameplay where players choose lucky numbers. Instead, it is a raffle. Tickets are printed and sold in series of numbers. Players buy tickets which already come with a pre-chosen number. If a certain ticket number is drawn, then all the tickets with those codes corresponding with the original series win prizes. You can imagine why people are getting so excited for this draw. Up to 2.3 billion Euros in prizes are up for grabs!

It’s become one of those highly sought-after social events of the year when members of the community get together to watch the results together. The air is festive, and winners always celebrate in style in the streets!

The lottery can be played from anywhere in the world on Make sure your players know that there are high odds of winning a prize. 

Online players choose to buy a full ticket, also known as a “decimo” or “billete”. Should your future converted players require more information, take them here:


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