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How To Successfully Promote The Lottery Online

Date: 2016-08-11 16:26:58

There are 3 important facets of the online lottery world: 1) News and winners stories, 2) Lottery results and 3) How to play and tips for increasing your odds of winning. It really is that simple. The affiliate team likes to call it the “Holy Trinity of the online lottery.”

All three of these facets must work together seamlessly in order for the visitor to experience a 360-degree online lottery treatment. If any one of these falls short, the potential player will lose credibility and go elsewhere, which means that YOU will end up losing the customer. If you lose the customer’s interest that means you lose out on the commission. True story. 

Affiliate Trust

Lottery winner stories are one of the most uplifting things a potential customer could read. It gives them hope that they, too, can become big winners. It’s so important to emphasize that a jackpot win can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. The more they see that real people are winning prizes and not just jackpots, they can feel confident enough to go ahead and convert on and earn you a commission. 

Each loyal converted customer is a potential goldmine for you as an affiliate because, with every ticket purchase they make, you will get a lifetime commission from it. See what we mean by a gold mine? 

You need to speak to them like real people and not a robot hiding behind a website. People are very discerning these days and most businesses tend to forget that. Be honest, be sincere, and most importantly, put their needs and interests first, because that’s the only thing that will earn you a commission. 

Affiliate Gold Mine

Don’t forget to be witty, charming, and optimistic too. Playing the lottery is a fun thing, so don’t make it too serious. Yes, a player's money is at stake, but we are not selling them lottery tickets. We are selling them a dream. So make the dream real for them! Inspire them! Keep them up to date with draw results and tips on how to increase their odds. They will appreciate it, and they will convert and come back again and again. Mark our words. 

Follow the holy trinity and you will uncover a massive gold mine! 

Good luck, and happy promoting!

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