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Why You Should Become A Lottery Affiliate

Date: 2016-07-15 10:41:16

The world of sports betting, casino, and bingo have dominated online markets in Europe and the US, and affiliate sites have become increasingly saturated for these verticals. This means it’s more difficult for new affiliates to profit off these platforms if they haven’t been around for a long time and have driven substantial traffic to their site. The exciting thing is, this isn’t true when it comes to the online lottery. Selecting lottery numbers online is still new to most, which is what you can start capitalizing on. 

It’s time to enter the lottery market – you won’t regret it. The vertical has existed for a few years now, but it hasn’t been tapped into its full potential yet. This gap can be filled by you. With new lottery brand being launched in Europe often, you should consider acting now and becoming an affiliate in this gold-mine vertical. 

LottaRewards Affiliates

Here are a few benefits to becoming a lottery affiliate with LottaRewards:

1. Low competition

Casino, poker, and sports betting have been almost completely tapped out. These games represent the main categories of most online gambling sites, but competition among affiliates is fierce and it’s difficult to earn a decent monthly commission. Whereas with the lottery, this area is still relatively niche online. The market is still in its early development, which is a perfect opportunity for you to get in on the money-making action!

2. Easy promotion

The lottery is already a popular game to play, which gives you an advantage – people already know how to play! This means you need less time explaining to people what the game is, and you can invest more of that time in having a fluid site that works efficiently and effectively. Our affiliate managers also help you with your strategy, and all marketing materials you will need to attract online audiences. 

3. Steady income

You offer commission based on how many tickets are sold. If you join LottaRewards, and your efforts result in many tickets sold, your commission will be a stunning figure due to an already successful site with many transactions a day taking place, which you will be promoting. Did we mention that it’s lifetime revenue? You can expect a constant income from your referred players, no strings attached. 

Don’t forget that many lottery players are also playing in syndicates, which means they pool money together to buy more tickets. This results in an even higher stable source of income for you. 

Become an affiliate today.

What are you waiting for? Your opportunity is right here. Start making lifetime commission today! 


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