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Hey Affiliates, the Powerball Jackpot Rolled up to $292 Million!

Date: 2016-03-01 13:01:54

The Powerball Jackpot Rolled up to $292 Million!

Powerball is on a roll! With the jackpot just shy of the $300 Million mark as there weren’t any lucky players to hit the jackpot prize of $265 Million in the previous draw. Meaning that, tomorrow’s jackpot will be even bigger!

We are expecting ticket sales to go through the roof for the draw for the massive $292 Million Powerball jackpot. This is exactly what LottaRewards affiliates have been waiting for, as this means high traffic volumes and an increase in conversions due to the amount of new registrations.

Be sure to keep your website’s banners and text-links up to date and take full advantage of this opportunity to boost your online traffic.

PlayHugeLottos Powerbal Jackpot

To be part of the Powerball jackpot action, follow these easy steps to download the Powerball Jackpot banners:

Log into LottaRewards


Select “Jackpot”

Select “PlayUSAPowerball – Jackpot Banners

Here you choose your preferred banner size as well as your preferred language and that’s it – a visual experience promoting the biggest jackpot currently available – right on your site.

After adding your new Powerball jackpot banners to your site, remember that content is king! Try creating new content about the Powerball lottery as this will not only promote the well sought after Powerball Jackpot, but it will increase the chance of seeing your site going up in the Google rankings.

Hurry! Today is the last day to promote the Powerball Jackpot valued at a massive $292 Million.

Go on, grab a PlayUSAPowerBall jackpot banner, create some fresh content and we guarantee, with the new amount of sign ups and conversions, you will be smiling all the way to the bank!

If you have any question, or still haven’t join our awesome online lottery program, please contact Jeff on

Take full advantage of this great opportunity right now!

The LottaRewards Winning Team

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