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Date: 2015-12-03 10:19:29

Content marketing was voted as the best marketing activity to drive commercial results in 2015. Competition will be tough so is crucial to create a focused plan.

Most Commercially Important Digital Marketing Trend for 2015?

LottaRewards Digital Marketing Trend

A recent survey revealed the key challenges B2C marketers are facing are the measuring of content effectiveness.

LottaRewards measuring of content effectiveness

The 8 Key Goals for Content Marketing in 2015

Marketers’ top objectives for 2015 was to concentrate less on lead generation and selling and more on engagement and developing long-term relationships with audiences and customers.

LottaRewards 8 Key Goals for Content Marketing

Do Marketers have a content marketing strategy or plan?

LottaRewards Do Marketers have a content marketing strategy or plan

Most Popular B2C Content Marketing Tactics

Even though social media’s content is voted as the most popular tactic, it’s actually in-person events that are proving most effective.


LottaRewards Most Popular B2C Content Marketing Tactics

7 Content Marketing Planning Techniques

Brands need to analyse data and generate insights into their clients before they can start to develop long-term relationships with them. This way brands can plan what content they would need to engage with their audience.

LottaRewards Content Marketing Planning Techniques

Despite the fact that content looks set to take over the digital marketing landscape, it’s still very important for brands to get their fundamentals correct.

What this means is creating a clear strategy, researching consumer data, distribute content in the right places and measuring campaign effectiveness.

By doing so, B2C organizations can overcome difficulties, for example, making connecting with substance, which resonates appeals to consumers, on a regular and consistent basis.

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