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Important update needed for your lotto affiliate playblocks

Date: 2015-08-26 07:06:57

The LottaRewards affiliate team have recently upgrade the appearance of your affiliate playblocks. With the new styling, the visibility of your playblocks will be clearer and a lot less restricted, which makes it easier for your traffic to use.

This does mean, however, that any existing playblocks that you have on your sites will require a minor edit.

Lottery Playblock

In order to optimally display the playblock on your site you would need to:

·         Go to the page where you’ve placed the code (in the backend of your website)

·         Change the Height in your code

·         Save and refresh your site

Besides the resizing of the height, everything else stays the same.

Below is an example of the playblock code with the height amended to the new dimensions:

Affiliate Playblock

What is a playblock and why do I want one on my site?

Our iframe playblocks allow for your site visitors to choose their lucky numbers on your website and then click through to our site, with their numbers already in their checkout basket.

This makes for a seamless transition in click through and assist with player conversion rates.

You can choose to display all the lotteries on offer on the family of sites, or alternatively, you can select to only display a certain lottery or lotteries.

Affiliate Playblock


If you want a playblock for your site or if you haven’t yet joined our astounding lottery affiliate program, please get in contact with Jeff on [email protected] to assist you in getting started.

We here at LottaRewards thank you for your cooperation and continued business.

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