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PlayUKinternet releases the Afrikaans version of their popular website!

Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:03

For over a decade now, PlayUKinternet has been offering their services to a global audience with unparalleled success. Customers worldwide play their weekly tickets and dream about the unbelievable prizes on offer in the planet's biggest lotteries.

And now, South African Afrikaners can access the sites in their home language. This week, announced the Afrikaans version of their websites and as a result, are looking forward to welcoming even more Afrikaans players. Naturally, Afrikaans is not our first language, so we ask our Afrikaans customers to bear with us and we apologize for the inevitable errors that will occur on the site.

Hopefully we will have all of the errors ironed out as quickly as possible, but we trust that the translation is good enough to allow our Afrikaans customers to play more conveniently.

Best of luck
The Team

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