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5 tips to increase your Conversions

Date: 2015-02-18 10:39:36

With our amazing team at LottaRewards, coupled with the most lucrative lotto affiliate program, affiliates are given an array of opportunities to earn fantastic commissions.  If you too would like to earn staggering commisions from the confort of your home, then take a look at the following tips that will improve your current website and microsites.

1. Manage the behavior of customers

Let’s start by saying, that you don’t have to change your site per say, you just have to understand your players. Understanding emotions, the way people feel and think, and finding the correct customer acquisition motivations are the main elements which it will increase your conversions.

A successful online lotto stategy definitely relies on the fact that you stay up to date with the biggest current jackpots and adapt your text links and banners accordingly. 

Another way to experience first-hand how your players think is to link your Facebook brand page account with your site. By doing so you will be able to promote the biggest international lotteries online and get your players perspective on what they prefer and what they would like to see. You’ll be surprised to find out how insightful the social area can be.  

2. Use the best visual tools for your content marketing stategies.

In a recent study found out on, it is mentioned that the human brain is processing the visual elements 60.000 times faster than any written text, and 46% of the people declared that the first criteria to asses the credibility of a website is made by its own design. Don’t forget that 90% of the external information sent to the brain is visual and that generally people remember 80% what they see and only 20% from what they read.

The conversion rate is 7 times greater for the websites that have visual content in their marketing campaigns.

3. Act in real time, act now.

It’s a fact, we now live in a omni-screen world and more and more players decided whether or not to purchase a lottery ticket via their laptops, smartphone or a tablets.  People typically begin their online search on mobile devices, therefore its imperitive that affilaites should optimise their websites for mobile if they wish to increase conversions.

By taking advantage of major events and by doing more analysis and acting in real time you will be able to increase your conversions. eg. Black Friday, Christmas Raffles and NYE etc.

4. Use the persuasion pyramid which was the best model for Amazon to increase their conversions


By optimising your content and asking questions either in posts, news or on social media you will be engaging with more people. By doing so you will inevitably increase your rankings and receive increased traffic.

More visits = more conversions.

5. Take advantage of your players purchasing habits

First we form habits, then they form us.” (Jim Rohn).

Sale funnel for online affiliates

Focus on how the conversional funnel is working from your player’s perspective. Getting visitors to convert on your website is a difficult task but by identifying the reasons why visitors are not converting can be impossible without the right tools.  By using the industry-standard online marketing tool, Google Analytics, you will be able to measure website traffic, engagement and use. This is a free tool, and available to anyone.

To summarise and to assure yourselves that you’ll increase your conversions, don’t forget that always you have to keep an eye on:

  • ·         build your own brand

  • ·         attract relevant traffic

  • ·         make a quantitative and a qualitative analysis – segmentation

Remember that optimising your conversations will not happen overnight. Affilaites need to be patient while implementing various tactics to become super affiliates. 

The typical super affiliate possesses the following traits: Persistence. Patience and a thirst for knowledge!

Good luck and keep at it!


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