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The New Powerball Jackpot Rolled up to $450 Million!

Date: 2015-02-10 13:55:51

That's right folks, no lucky players claimed the big Powerball’s jackpot estimated at $394 million over the weekend, meaning the prize for the next draw will be around $450 million (or $304.1 million for a cash pay-out).

What happens when jackpots get this big?

With this amazing amount of money up for grabs, this is exactly what our LottaRewards affiliates have been waiting for with definitely good opportunities to boost online traffic for your microsites and your websites and great possibilities for new conversions!

Let’s look on the facts:

The Powerball lottery debut on the 22th of April 1992 and shortly afterwards became a one of the most popular lotteries worldwide. Like most lotteries, the American Powerball lottery gained popularity with lottery enthusiasts being able to buy lotto tickets online.

We wish to remind our affiliates that the great American Powerball lottery has rolled over for 20 consecutive draws!

This Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot is in fact only $140 million short of the record of $590.5 million that was won on 18th of May 2013 by an 84-year-old lotto player, Gloria Mackenzie of Zephyrhills, Fla., USA. Powerball's last mega jackpot was in February 2014, when it reached a staggering $425 million. 

Powerball draws are held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. The odds of winning the jackpot with a simple ticket are 1 in 175,223,510.

The next draw will be held on Wednesday, 11th February 2015.

Why you should promote this huge PowerBall Jackpot?

This Wednesday’s gigantic 450 million Dollar Powerball jackpot is the third-largest Powerball jackpot ever and we are expecting ticket sales to push the estimated jackpot prize well over the $450 million mark. Which means, one thing - high traffic volumes and an increase in conversions!

Every time a lottery jackpot hits a near record-breaking height we see a significant increase in registrations too. So make sure you are promoting this lucrative American lottery now as it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Even if the jackpot is won, you will have the opportunity to promote and convert your newly registered players well into the year.

How to promote the third largest PowerBall Jackpot in history

To be part of the Powerball jackpot action, download a PowerBall Jackpot banner by logging into LottaRewards, click on TOOLS > BANNERS > (JACKPOT) > PlayUSAPowerBall – Jackpot Banners = View.

Select your preferred banner size and preferred language and there you have it – a visual experience promoting the biggest jackpot currently available – right on your site. GO FOR IT!

Powerball 450 million Jackpot Banner

Website images are imperative on any site and as we know people are very visual creatures. While your players all want to read and understand what you’re discussing with solid well written content, they also need that element that adds visual interest to the site. That’s why adding fresh visual images that entice players to the quintessential lifestyle is imperative. One of the best ways to offer a superior experience to your internet customer is to offer them something that will stimulate the senses. Text is a great but nothing beats a quick glance at a huge jackpot amount on a jackpot banner.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s rewarding! Just grab a PlayUSAPowerBall jackpot banner now and we guarantee, with the new amount of sign ups and conversions, you will be smiling all the way to the bank!

Don’t forget… promoting BIG jackpots is key to ensuring BIG rewards!

Email us for any assistance or queries you may have and we will be more than willing to assist you in maximising this fantastic opportunity!

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