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New Mega-Sena Banners

Date: 2014-09-09 10:01:02

When we think of Brazil, we conjure up images of festive celebrations, brightly-coloured costumes, opulent decorations and rhythmic dancers filling the streets. Brazilians love to party and so do we at LottaRewards, and when we think of Brazil – we immediately think about the biggest lottery game in Brazil, the Mega-Sena! Mega-Sena players enjoy a very smooth gaming experience that is as entertaining as it is potentially life-changing. Mega-Sena Lottery With the Mega-Sena lottery draws taking place every Wednesday and Saturday, your online lottery players don’t have to wait long for a challenge to win the jackpot or an array of generous secondary prizes that this festive Brazilian lottery has to offer. Mega-Sena jackpots have reached as high as R$145 million in past draws, which was split between two lucky winning entries. Other record lotto jackpot wins have amounted to R$64.9 million in 1999, R$52.8 million in 2007, and R$53.1 million in 2008. To win the Mega-Sena jackpot players select 6 numbers from a number selection between 1 and 60. Unlike most other lotteries where players select a bonus ball, the Mega-Sena moved away from this from draw #1140 to the straight-up single globe used today. This has not only simplified the game but increased the odds of winning the jackpot – which is exactly what your lottery players have their eyes on!

Mega Sena Affiliate Banner

Grab a fresh set of Mega-Sena banners today. Log into LottaRewards, click on TOOLS > BANNERS > MEGA-SENA BANNERS = View. Simply select the perfect size and preferred language. With this simple lotto game with its incredible winning odds, makes promoting the Mega-Sena a welcome addition to the recent epic lotto jackpots we are seeing on this week. With no one hitting the EuroJackpot winning numbers last Friday, means that it’s broken its own jackpot record and has now got lotto enthusiasts vying to take home the title as the biggest EuroJackpot winner at a whopping €60,000,000! If you are looking for a lottery that stands proud next to the world’s international lotteries then the Mega-Sena lottery is the lotto for you!

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