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Bitcoin Payment Option Now Available On

Date: 2014-08-28 12:51:33 has made history by being the first online lottery purchasing company to partner up with GoCoin, and accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Not only has made history, they have also once again bridged the gap by incorporating cyptocurrencies into the fold of online payment methods and ensured that lottery players all over the globe can partake in the biggest lottery jackpots! This is great news for all affiliates, as you will now be part of the Bitcoin buzz right from the start! We recently asked one of our biggest affiliates who had used the cryptocurrency payment method what he thought. As expected, he’s just as excited about the Bitcoin option as we are here at LottaRewards. He has this to say, “I am very excited about this PlayUK payment option as I really do like virtual currencies! The deposit I made took less than 1 minute to complete!


How to use Bitcoins on Once your players have purchased your Bitcoins from their local Bitcoin exchange, they can begin playing their favourite lotteries using their Bitcoins: • Player selects entries and continues to payment • Click on deposit funds via alternative payment methods • Select GoCoin • Enter deposit amount • Select coin type • Accept the Terms and Conditions • Click on Complete Purchase • Once you’ve been directed to the GoCoin portal, use the unique payment address provided to you to pay into. • Go to your wallet and send money to the unique code that the GoCoin portal provided you with. • Click check for payment once you’ve transferred money With zero restrictions, Bitcoin will allow your lottery players to purchase lottery entries from anywhere in the world. Now would be the perfect time to inform your players about the availability of GoCoin on and then enjoy the buzz and increased traffic that news like this will bring to your site. Be part of the Bitcoin revolution right from the beginning right here at!

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